It will change your Life :D

A kid doing Impulse for his second year asked me to send his friend’s dad an email, hoping to convince the father to allow his child to also participate with Impulse. The introductory paragraph I did not include in this post for obvious reasons 😀

Those of you that I see, and you read this, please make suggestions for additions and or rewording 😀

THose of you that read this and don’t know what to tell the parents of you friends about why your friends should do Impulse also can use this as a starter for making your case 😀

Impulse will provide any person that joins or comes and helps out 3 benefits. Impulse is family oriented and we all care for and have each other’s best interest always in mind. Impulse always has the members’ welfare first and foremost. Impulse provides an excellent movement and musical experience that is set in a nurturing and safe educational environment.

Our parent support staff is outstanding in looking out and making sure the members are well taken care of. Six to ten parents are there throughout every time we meet, going back and forth between sectional and ensemble rehearsals. It is such an enjoyable experience for 2 sets of parents that they continue to volunteer even after their children are no longer in the program. One couple has not had a child in the group for two years and another couple has not had a child in the corps for eight years! All on staff are very approachable and appreciate getting feedback from the parents about the results the members demonstrate from the instruction they are receiving.

We as a staff plan and coordinate every rehearsal. We want to make sure we know what we are doing before we make kids move. We also take into consideration that many of the members have school obligations, and communicate to them, school events are more important if there is a conflict than corps activities. Also a consistent important thing we tell the students is to stay on top of their academics. We demonstrate as instructors thoughtful methodical lessons and want the members to apply what we model to their own life in how they approach their education.

As a member of Impulse, anyone who participates will increase their ability in the performing arts measurably. There are several California Credentialed teachers on staff, including myself. We very much apply and maintain all the educational standards you would find in any credentialed school.

Please consider Impulse as an opportunity to experience something that will benefit them for a lifetime.

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