2014 Impulse Rehearsal #2

Picked up Monrovia peeps and we made our way to Huntington Beach 😀

The drive down was uneventful. Very cold morning, overcast, although thankfully it cleared by 9AM. Isaac and Josh helped me make a grid.

Charlie called me the night before, so I agreed to give him an hour. The guy’s got over 40 years of pagentry experience. If he’s got time to come and help us all be better, I have to utilized that opportunity 😀

So I totally misunderstood Niko a few months ago. He brought out a new guy, Blake. Blake marched BD with Niko. Blake is young and fresh and I’m old and stale 😀 No, haha, not really 😀 I am giving the 2 hour block to Blake and Corwin next time we meet. I think Black can be a talented instructor and I want to give him that opportunity 😀

So, Niko calls Blake in the morning; Corwin is there too and Blake puts Niko on speaker so we can all hear. Niko wants to know if I’m cool letting Blake start the block. Heck yeah I say 😀

I remember now. Niko sent out a schedule that the brass would be with me and battery would be with Corwin and Blake. Should have taken the initiative and asked Niko if C and B could take both sections. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and listening to different people say the same things but in different ways is one way 😀

Corps gets to the field Blake and Corwin start them off, along with Ruben. After the stretch, Blake gets into some posture stuff and forward to back and back to forward stuff

Then Charlie arrives 😀

Charlie does what he does and I go talk to Blake and Corwin. I had told them Charlie was coming, so we had a plan. I give Charlie a couple of more minutes with the corps then have Charlie take the horns and Battery goes with B and C 😀

I wander back and forth, observing and making notes, literal physical notes. I have the Drum Majors observe the battery vizh block. After Charlie leaves I give the kids 5 and run the horns until lunch.

As we leave the field, I ask the DMs to share a piece of information they heard while observing the battery block: equipment control is the key to excellent marching 😀


Parents provided BBQ chicken sandwiches, fruit, chips, and a drink: $5 😀 Hornline ate together and I ate with them 😀 I sat between Elize and Bryce, told a few stories and jokes, go figure

Jerrad shows up towards the end of lunch and brings trumpet and baritone players from TustinHS. Both very petite girls, but I think they can handle the gig. The father of the trumpet girl is someone I performed with 30 years ago! He and his wife came at the end of the afternoon and we talked some. The wife is hilarious! 😀

Sections went off into music sectionals. I sat in my van until Jerrad dragged me out! Love that kid, so awesome. He is going to be a BIG help with our little Freshman guard girl

Kids learned a minute and a half of show music. That was very exciting. Kids I talked to we’re digging it.

Oh, so ROGERS! was there, but without his beautiful wife 😀 Chris has been working with the battery/snares the season. Other than the porn audio over the LongRanger at Taft 2012 camp, I like that kid. He’s got skills, experience, and a great temperament for an activity that will be very challenging, physically and emotionally

Jaymi and Jay had the pit jamming all day. I don’t get into the pit gig much until we all are on the field. We have 5 and 5 on keyboards and 2 synths. We need to add a couple if AUX. I recommended to the design team the pit get at least 3 features. These kids are really good now and on the way to greatness! 😀

I ended the day talking to a Whittier Mom, lovely woman 😀

Aren’t all Whittier women! *wink*


And tomorrow I am supporting SPHS spaghetti dinner fundraiser! 😀

And Saturday I am supporting MHS drum line comp! 😀

Sharing and feeling the love

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