Do the Right Thing

Support young people. Support the activities young people get involved in. Guess what; we all benefit. Seriously.

South Pasadena HS has a spaghetti fundraiser tonight. I am going to attend, one, because I was invited by a parent who I know and work with; and two, because I know a lot of the band kids from SPHS 😀

Go figure 😀

The parent invited me because he said it would mean a lot to the kids. I’m sure it will mean something to them, and it will mean something a little different to each of them. I think also it will mean something to that parent; what it will mean I don’t know but at the least it will reinforce to him the kind of person he believes me to be 😀

Do the right thing: support young people 😀

This past holiday season I was heading into a local grocery store. I live in the kind of neighborhood that from time to time gets a van or two van loads of kids from less affluent areas dumped in shopping center parking lots to sell candy.

I usually just give these kids when they approach me $5 or some portion of cash that I am carrying. This particular time it was late at night, around 9PM as I recall. The kid near the door was sitting down looking like he was waiting to be picked up. I typically park a reasonably far distance from whatever store I am patronizing so I can people watch going into and out of the store 😀 I had a good opportunity to observe this kid

He was done! For the day, at least. No energy coming from him. If anything, if he could have he might have imploded. When he hears my feet, he lifts his head. He stands quickly and begins his pitch. Speaking at a volume slightly above a whisper and posture of a person who has experienced a long day of rejection, life suddenly springs into this previously lifeless young person 😀

I interrupted him with a question 😀

What kind of chips did he like 😀


Next question: what kind of soda did he like (A&W Rootbeer)

Looking back, maybe I should have gone to the deli section and got him a nice sandwich and a juice, but reading the situation at the time the kid struck me as someone were I to give him something more healthy to eat rather than chips and soda, it might have shocked his system

Any whose. When I could only find the Funyuns in the party size, I considered going back out and asking the homeskillet a second choice. Then I thought of 11 or 14 other homeskillets he would be riding home with him. I bought the party size 😀

I make my other purchases and head to the exit

Homeskillet is waiting with eagerness. I give him his stuff; I don’t think the corner market where he lives carries the party size Funyuns. He stares at the bag the way an archaeologist would stare at the Holy Grail 😀 I tell him, before handing the bag over and his soda, he has to share this with the homies. He nods quickly. He says to me, God bless you, sir

Food is Jesus

Harbor House 😀

Do the right thing

Support young people 😀

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