Who’s in Charge? Don’t Judge Others :D

You’re in charge! Well, really you’re not; but you are 😀

Some people would argue God is in charge 😀

Destiny. Fate. Luck.

Luck favors the prepared 😀

One rehearsal during everydays, a few years ago, the cops showed up. We had already been warned about “noise” and “disturbing the peace.” I forget what staff was on location but someone pointed the cop in my direction.

I’m in charge 😀

We were fortunate that the cop was in a good mood and seemed to be doing his duty because someone was watching from a distance. (As I recall, it was a local council person or a friend of a local council person that lived in a residence that bordered our rehearsal location.) We were minutes away from ending our rehearsal at the designated time of I believe 7:30PM, and we did 😀 He thanked me and went on his way.

Who’s in charge? We’re in charge 😀

Take a charge! DEFENSE!!!

I know I ask a lot of the people I work with, in terms of my quirky personality – but I hope the perception is I am doing what I can to serve others.

Perception is reality, sigh

What is real and true cannot be seen with our eyes, but felt by our soul 😀

Okay, Ray 😀

I don’t judge others but sometimes balancing egos takes more energy than I believe to be necessary. Which is ironic since that is a judgement 😀

In a perfect world…

I have an enormous ego and I am incredibly selfish when I am by myself 😀 My public persona is not an act. Around others I give as much of myself as I can. I am not religious but I take seriously the benefits to my self and others living a life of service to others 😀

In a perfect world…

You’re in charge; I’m in charge; we’re in charge 😀

No one is charge 😀 In theory, the earth could open up and swallow us all. Then what good would our plans be?

The earth is in charge 😀

Along the lines of not judging others, I’ve adopted a new philosophy. Every person I see I realize they know something I don’t; which makes them a little better than me on that point 😀

Doesn’t mean I still don’t swear at the stupid when I’m driving alone 😀 but if I’m with someone else, and they are critical of some driver(s) I will say, you don’t know. They could be racing to a hospital or some other emergency.

Or they could just be stupid and selfish, but don’t judge. Just swear 😀

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