WGASC – Monrovia 2014

Woke up totally congested and sneezy. Sneezy as in that’s what woke me up, a sneeze. Then another, 1, 2, 3, seconds later sneezed again; etc. for the next several minutes. Actually considered calling Mr. M and telling him I would not be able to make it

How bad would that have sucked πŸ˜€ Plus that would be totally inconsistent with all the things I say and do

Make it happen

So I did πŸ˜€

Got there late. Told Mr. M I would be there at 7:30AM. Was out late Friday night, plus not setting alarm – I woke up 7AM standard time. I volunteered for parking again, first group went on at 10AM. 8 o’clock seemed that a good time to arrive πŸ˜€

Checked in at 8:15 and happened to meet Mr. M at the command center πŸ˜€ Serendipity! We walk out to the Colorado lot…

Ooooooh. Something that made me very happy was that the City people made it out Friday and posted the No Parking signs in front of the school along Colorado πŸ˜€

Something that made me not so happy was the weather πŸ˜€ It was beautiful 😦 I need as many factors/variables to go against me in accomplishing something πŸ˜€ Helps me focus

Parent managing the parking for the event left with Mr. M and I settled into my location. Soon my first bus arrived πŸ˜€

The parking logistics for the morning was relatively uneventful. Smaller groups, less equipment; all of Colorado to use.

There were 3 award ceremonies at 2ish, 6ish, and 10:30PM. I didn’t count, but guessing there were 50+ Colorguards performing. The second wave of groups came half bus, half carpool…

Oh yeah. Another reason the parking logistics went so well was the athletic/grass fields were available on the north side of the campus. Most of the groups that turned on Madison parked on the North40 πŸ˜€

My parking partner was the same gentleman from the previous week plus his son. They both had a number of stories to share with me πŸ˜€

My trips to the command/volunteer center during my breaks were great πŸ˜€ Parents and students enjoying each other’s company and volunteering for a good cause πŸ˜€ The Monrovia Music program!

That reminds me; I’ve had this conversation with several parent volunteers in different organizations over the years. Parents that don’t participate with their children’s activities are really missing out in that part of their child’s life and those parents are also missing out in having their own experience in sharing and helping out with other parents. It’s actually another reason I enjoy being a volunteer. Along with helping out a program that helps kids, watching parents share the joy their children are experiencing and watching those parents experience there own joy is a joy to me πŸ˜€

It’s all about me! πŸ˜€

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