2014 Impulse Rehearsal #3

Traveled solo to Huntington Beach

Got there and loaded my paint roller with 6 cans of orange and 6 cans of green πŸ˜€

When I arrived at the field I noticed a random mound of dirt (gophers?) just west of the portables and two soccer goals on old paint on the far end of the last grid. Wanting to make this process simple as possible I use these reference points and start painting a grid in between πŸ˜€

Mike calls me to give me some 411 and I ask him to send me DMs whenever they get there. I usually work alone, prefer it that way, if I give someone a ride, they help – just because πŸ˜€ Today I was feeling a little time pinch and wanted help

Be careful what you ask for πŸ˜€

They got there as I was finishing the greens. We did a good job making big oranges across the field when after painting the second to last one, one of the DMs says, um Ray, that looks kinda curved. It wasn’t kinda curved. It was a 45 yard long arc at a pitch of about 2 ft.

I trust too much, sometimes πŸ˜€

By myself I have committed much worse error

Home Show Hashes!!! πŸ˜€

We fixed it up by painting a big green, straight as a razor and embraced our humanity πŸ˜€

To err is human

Brass, battery, and guard got out to the field. Lizzy/guard led a 15 minute stretch then Blake and Corwin led the vizh block.

I noticed a Mom sitting where the kids stacked their stuff πŸ˜€ I approached (no comments from you Steely) πŸ˜€

Come to find out she was a former Anaheim Velvet Knight my rookie year. She was from Colorado and did Blue Knights her next two years. She brought her 13 yr old to be in the hornline this year πŸ˜€ She’s local now

Ruben took him aside to teach the kid some visual fundamentals as the kid had zero experience. I don’t think I thanked Ruben for doing what he did to help that kid. Ruben should have anyways, as a vet, as a leader; but a thank you is always welcomed πŸ˜€

Speaking of, don’t remember the last time I was thanked for painting a grid πŸ˜€ I don’t really care, just saying


Heeheehee πŸ˜€

One ear with mom, one eye on Ruben and kid, two eyes and ears on Blake, Corwin, and the vizh block

I liked Blake from the first time I met him. Corwin is a badass, period πŸ˜€ Blake has it, a presence, a confidence, an experience as a performer and he is willing to share it πŸ˜€ His instructional speech is much like his informal speech: smooth and measured

Two things I really like watching Blake teach was when after giving instruction, if there was inaccuracy in the execution of those instructions, he would (1) cut, (2) reiterate, restate, and or reword the instructions and give them another rep.

Corwin could have run the whole block himself but he hung back and supported Blake, as Blake worked around and figured out how best to deliver the information he has. He also at one point had one of the DMs take the battery and run some exercises so he and Corwin could focus on the horns

All in all the block went well. Everyone got better πŸ˜€

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