Drum Corps, be careful what you ask for :D

Like sitting in parking lots?

No, literally, butt on asphalt, sitting in a parking lot πŸ˜€

This activity is for you


Also included with your fees: eating in parking lots, and on rare occasions sleeping in parking lots

πŸ˜€ Relax, I said on rare occasions

Couldn’t get a fire alarm turned off at a camp. It was a memorial weekend, 2AM, no one wanted to come and help us out. Moved everyone out of the gym and onto the furthest corner of the school property from the gym: a parking lot


I forget who finally showed up at 6AM. The alarm company, the police, and the fire department played hot potato with our call for help for FOUR HOURS

Reminds of sitting 15 miles outside of Flagstaff waiting that same amount of time for someone to get enough gas into my bus to make it into town to refuel 😦

Drum Corps, be careful what you ask for

Did I ever tell you what I saw off I-15 heading to Vegas traveling with a drum corps?

😦 no bueno

I was talking with a parent that has his child participating with Impulse this season. He did one year of drum corps and said it was the best summer of his life πŸ˜€

A current student at Syracuse University who marched one season with Impulse several years ago recently posted some pictures from that season. Her title to the album was “Best Summer Ever” πŸ˜€

To be contrary at this point, just because πŸ˜€ I have had quite a few great summers that did not involve drum corps πŸ˜€

But some of my bests summers did involve drum corps

Few activities you can experience in life will test your physical, mental, and emotional limits like drum corps

Maybe marriage πŸ˜€

Nope; Drum corps is more intense.

You turn iron into steel by putting iron into a fire and then pounding it with a hammer

And the iron says, thank you sir; may I have another!

That’s drum corps


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