Top 100 questions to ask a Potential Roommate

It’s a work in progress 😀

Many people who move out from under their parent’s roof will find them self in a roommate situation. While nothing can ever be perfect, it’s best to at least minimize surprises. Here are some useful questions to ask, and to answer to, your potential roommate 😀

1. What is the source of your income?

2. (If they work) How long have they been at that current job? (If they go to school) How long and what, if any, academic goal(s)

3. Where is there job (and/or school) located?

4. How long of a lease can they commit to, and is there any possibility they might break the lease (sick relative may need their care, their car is in shaky mechanical condition, etc.)

5. Why are you leaving the last place you lived?

6. (Find out monthly utility averages) Monthly utilities are going to be X. Does that fit your monthly budget?

7. Besides basic utilities, would you like to share any other services? (Cable/internet/Netflix)

8. What you expecting our relationship to be? Just roommates? Friends? Something in between?

9. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you dating?

10. Are you planning on having overnight guests?

11.Any allergies I need to be aware of?

12. Are you a drinker, smoker, do drugs?

13. How would describe your cleanliness/orderliness? (No one is going to call them self out and say, yeah, I’m a slob. On the other hand, an OCD neat freak may be difficult to share space with.)

14. What are your security habits? Is it important to you to make sure doors, and if appropriate, windows are always locked?

15. Besides rent/utilities, what other major expenses do you have?

16. What kinds of things annoy you? Do you have any pet peeves?

17. At what volume do listen to music, watch TV/movies?

18. Do you have a pet? Are you considering getting a pet? (Understand, if you allow pets, you may have to occasionally feed and clean up if the owner is not around.)

19. What are your sleep habits?

20. How do you plan to relax and socialize around here? (Weekends, especially)

21. Planning any parties?

22. How do you get around? (If they have a car, ask to see it. Clean neat car, probably clean neat roommate.)

23. How much do you pay in rent now? If never, what is your monthly budget for rent?

24. What are your work and/or school schedule?

25. How (eat out/cook at home) and when do you usually eat? Would you like to share basic grocery buying and if so, how would we balance that?

26. Any diet specifics: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free?

27. What do you do for exercise?

28. When and how long do you shower/bathe?

29. If we have to share a bathroom, how would you imagine we manage that?

30. How do we decide who gets which bedroom?

31. How do we handle furnishing our place? (What should go where; adding, subtracting, moving things around)

32. How do you imagine we balance the chores of maintaining a livable space?

33. Do you recycle?

34. Do have any particularly strong personal beliefs? (Religious, political, etc.)

35. Do you have any other questions you would like to ask me?

Please, readers, comment if you have any additional questions you think should be on this list also 😀

Another resource is:

Provides background checks (criminal/credit)

Thank you. Share with friends. Not just this 😀 In general, share 😀

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