Flirting?, or just being extra nice :D

Trying to wrap my head around this concept and thinking of ways to take the things I say and do and turn it into a show format 😀

My first working title was “How to make the Voice inside you head Work for You but that is way too wordy. Then I thought about relationships 😀

Just because I don’t/can’t maintain one for myself doesn’t mean I don’t know how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship

The are ALL kinds of relationships, from intimate physical/emotional relationships to that moment you have with the cashier at a checkout or a stranger on the street. Relationships can and do last decades or they can happen in moments 😀

Maybe that’s too deep. Maybe not. At breakfast the other day a friend and I had an exceptionally beautiful waitress. One of the times she came by to check on us I told her what beautiful earrings she was wearing. She smiled and thanked me and took that moment to share the reason she wore those earrings. She decided to pull her hair back into a ponytail. They were big hoop earrings, not too big, they refined the space between her ears and shoulders perfectly 😀

Later when she came by I told her the color of her blouse was very complimentary to her. Some women, and a few men, really know THEIR colors. She had naturally brown hair but dyed it a few shades lighter. Her complexion was naturally fair, but she had a soft tan going on and the orangey-brown blouse very much complimented her hair and complexion 😀

When I told her, she had a slight blush with her smile and thank you, but told me to keep the compliments coming. That was my last one 😀

Just exchanged warm smiles after that

What was the point of that? Relationships of the moment 😀

That brings me to another point I frequently speak about: miscommunication

We don’t always agree about some of the definitions of basic words we use in our daily conversations


I believe there are some that would argue that a friendship is not a relationship, and be earnest in their argument 😀


I have a sister I have not spoken to in over ten years. Many would argue we no longer have a relationship

Really? She’s my sister

(Brief side note and not wanting to detail. She’s lost the ability to communicate coherently, life choices)

Voice inside your head

I see a connection here. It starts in your head. Identify the voice you speak from, before you speak!

Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Miscommunicate. It’s Wednesday, I’ve been thinking about this coming weekend for the past 10 days, and what I would like to see happen. I got a email detailing part of this weekend 😀

Not what I saw in my mind 😀

It’s actually better. Never be so in love with your own thoughts and ideas that you can’t be open to something a little different that gets you to the point you are striving toward 😀

But love my thoughts and ideas! 😀

I will not tell you what to do, but I will. I won’t tell you what say, but I will!



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