Controlling Your Emotions

Are we who we think we are, or are we who others believe us to be?

The reality is we are both! 😀

Mind Blown? 😀

Besides my duties and responsibilities, I really limit my interactions with other people; to a fault.

I try, and I think I am fairly consistent at being present in every moment; particularly when I am around others. That has an upside and a down side. I was thinking earlier of an event I experienced with others last summer in Idaho. The more and longer I thought about it, those thoughts made me teary. Good tears, happy tears. Not in emotional control 😀

But Ray, the title of this post is Controlling Your Emotions?!

Yeah, sometimes you can’t 😀 Most of the time you can

Relationships. Be careful what you ask for. I am single for many reasons

I know I can max me out 😀 but I am also who others want, think, or even expect me to be. That can be quite a load sometimes in my own mind

Love, commitment 😀

Again, those words that we all have slightly different interpretations about what they mean. I think our understanding of the words we use to express ourselves to each other intersect at some point, sometimes; not always

Umm, Ray…birdwalking…FOCUS!

Accept and understand things will change and stay the same. Life will go as you want and hope, and crash and burn. You will wake up full of happiness and dread. Basically anything and everything is possible in any given moment of life 😀

No use being emotional about it

When we think and speak emotionally, usually not good, even when the emotions are positive

I love you

Who hasn’t let that one slip out 😀

Happiness is not an emotional destination but a road to travel your life journey on 😀

Don’t worry, be happy (it was even a song! Bobby McFerrin)

Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is going to be alright – Bob Marley

Or it is all going to SUCK 😀

Either way, your emotions will more than likely not have an impact. Control your emotions so you can see your way through as clearly as possible whatever you have to get through

Emotional Control. You can do it. You are the boss of YOU! 😀 Max it out

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