Tears of Joy, Tears of Pain

Last post I was talking about your emotions not being able to have much of an impact on a situation

Most of the time 😀

Sometimes your emotions can and do incredibly impact a given situation. So much so it can cause…

Tears of Joy 😀

Well what about these Tears of Pain, Ray

Can’t say much about that 😀

I’ve had tears of joy, tears of anger, tears of frustration, tears of empathy…

Not to familiar with the Tears of Pain thing. I have a stupid tolerance for pain 😀

Riding my bike around a month ago I had a fierce crash. Going down a hill a driver pulled out of a parking lot, apparently unaware of my presence hurling towards him at 20mph. Swerving to avoid a collision I lost control and crashed. Bumps, bruises, nothing broken. I turned my body and let it pound into the ground to minimize damage to the bike 😀

No tears

I day or so later I developed a painful blood blister high on the right side above the hamstring. After a couple of days when it got to be the size of a small apricot, sitting, walking, movement, even laying down was uncomfortable to say the least 😀

Went to the full length mirror in the bedroom; placed a red bath towel at the foot of it. Turned my back to the mirror; took a single edged blade into hand…


That moment of pain was followed by quite the relief 😀

No tears

Showered, patched up

Back to emotions and Tears of Joy

Performers need to pour all of themselves, all of the essence, all of their being, emotionally commit themselves to their performance. That’s what the audience wants. That’s what the audience deserves 😀

That’s when the magic happens

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