Is in the eye of the beholder 😀

Went to a training the other day. The presenter had just started and I made my way across the back of the room, from right to left, and up to the front row and a few seats in towards the middle

There were only 2 other men in the room 😀 but including the presenter, there were only 12 other people

Being very conscious of myself, I made sure I was sitting with the absolute best posture, and looking very attentive, 1) because sitting with good posture is just the smart thing to do, and 2) I appreciate as a teacher attentive students 😀

About a half hour or so into the presentation someone from the middle of the room had a question. I turned to listen.

That’s when I felt it 😀 You know

While listening to the question answer exchange between the presenter and presentee, I noticed a pair of eyes gazing in my direction 😀

And what pair! 😀

A very light shade of Jade beaming from a soft mocha face, framed by cascading honey brown ringlets

And she was smiling! At me! 😀

Quickly I responded with a smile of my own. Amazingly her smile grew a little bigger 😀

Question answer exchange ended and I turned back to the front of the room. 10 – 15 minutes later, I turned back around to see my new “friend” She saw my head turning and turned to face me. Smiles and sparkles 😀

Again, another 10 – 15 minutes, I turn, smiles and sparkles! 😀

Soon enough, break comes. There are brochures and other stuff to look at on a table in the front front part of the room. She gets up from her seat in the middle of the room and proceeds to that table

She’s tall! At least 6 ft without heels. The heels she wore were two or three inch heels high. Didn’t spend anytime time figuring out the exact heel height, because when she saw me approaching her she stopped and made eye contact and smiled, again 😀

Those eyes! That hair! That face!

My opening line is about her amazing hair. She laughs, thanks me. We talk briefly about nothing 😀 the moment.

Actually, I made several suggestions on things she can do with her hair using bows, ribbons, etc 😀 She tells me she’s done all of them, smiles and laughs more 😀

I blame Pinterest

Break is over and we resume our seats, and play the “I am turning to look at you” game a few more times. She gives me the smiley sparkly face each time.

At the end of class I get up to leave. As I am passing her she’s busy on her phone. I stop; she notices me stop and puts down her phone and we share one more “being extra nice” to someone moment

Our last moment

I probably could have sat down next to her and continued our conversation. No point, not interested.

I appreciated the attention she gave me those few moments. I am sure she saw something in the way I looked at her beyond me appreciating the obvious.

Whatever. Fun moments 😀

No need to gild the lily

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