2014 Impulse rehearsal #4

Got a new supply of paint for this season 😀 Who ever is charge of hiring the secretaries at Score Sports deserves some kind of commendation 🙂 Those secretaries are quick, smart, and good looking

Get to Marina about 7:45AM load my supplies and head to the field. That same random pile of dirt is there again and I can see old marks, but I make freshies anyway 🙂 I’ve got white and blue paint today, besides the green and I put down a grid that will be close to what they will see when we are learning drill and the kind of grid they will see on the field, in general

I say close to what they will see regarding field marking conditions because there are no sidelines, yard line marks, or hashes.

Being super efficient 😀 by the time DMs get out there to help, just after 9 I am done. I could have done a better job on the 4 step gaks, but the paint manufacturer changed several specifics about the can and the paint itself. The can is slightly wider, so there’s more paint in the can for the same price. The paint is heavier so I can walk faster with the sprayer and still get good marks down. The spray nozzle, however, is shorter and I can’t consistently use it by hand as my fingers kept snapping the nozzle off the can

I go to the band room, Will approaches me and asks if the battery should get their equipment off the truck. Yes, I say then I just yell over the din, BATTERY GET YOUR EQUIPMENT. Kids in mass start moving

Moving like turtles plodding through peanut butter and molasses 🙂 but they’re moving

Tough to get 80 people quickly through a single doorway with any efficacy

On the way to the field, Will thanks me for painting the field 😀

Get to the field, guard leads the first 15-20 minutes of the stretch, they leave to clean the guard bay. Ruben leads another 10-15 minutes of stretching

Grass is wet and there’s some stuff I wanted to talk to them about before we got going so I am sitting on the ramp in front of one of the portables near the field towards the end of the stretch

Soon they all come charging towards me 🙂

Kids; gotta love them

Tour: fundamentals. Demonstrate as much patience, understanding, and positive support with each other and with staff as much possible BUT WHEN IT IS TIME TO MOVE, YOU MOVE (the faster you move, the more we get done) WHEN IT IS TIME TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN ( whatever IT is) YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN Understand the reality of tour: travel all night, sleep 2-3 hours on a floor, eat, rehearse 4 hours, eat, rehearse 4 hours, eat, rehearse 3-4 hours, travel all night, sleep 2-3 hours on a floor, eat, rehearse 4 hours, eat, travel to show, do show, eat, travel all night, sleep on floor…etc FOR 12 DAYS!

and the food truck might breakdown 😀 So you might not eat between meals for 9 hours 😀 but we will continue to rehearse


it’s just a good, smart idea, in general. Truck stop snacks are WAY OVER PRICED. Be smart. We can only schedule so much meal time. During those 5-6 hour or 10-12 hour stretches you will be on buses, YOU WILL GET HUNGRY. Better to have snacks with you then stand in line for the privilege to pay $2.50 for something you can get at home for $1

We did some moving. They got better. Rookies are too soft. They need to get much stronger, very soon. Vets, smh, that’s my only comment there. Side to side awareness was the area they improved the most in. Individual ability to execute consistent 8 to 5 front and back stride was the area of consistent biggest concern.

The message I told them, in the above regard was PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

In the history of humanity, when someone practices getting better at something THEY DO!!!

Go figure 😀

At lunch Jeff has some questions for me. Jeff always has questions for me

😀 irony

Hi Jeff 😀

We sat on a curb and soon Elize came with her homemade lunch. Smart kid. Brian, Robert, and Brandon soon joined us. I gave Brandon my cheddar/chipotle Chex mix because I couldn’t eat that in front of Elize’s always healthy lunch. Somehow I felt the food gods would be offended 😀

Sectionals went well, for the most part. I ran met for the brass/battery ensemble and for the brass/battery/pit ensemble. That was fun 😀

Talked with some parents while the kids loaded the truck and ended the day by taking the Silva brothers home 😀

Great Day 😀

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