Create your own Sunshine! :D

Do I really believe you can create sunshine? Yes I do! That is part of my charm πŸ˜€

It was early in life 5, 6, maybe 7 years old. I was angry about something; very angry. I wasn’t saying any or acting out; just sitting in a chair and streaming hot angry thinking. Thinking very hard about whatever I was angry about. My mother came over to me and said, when you are angry a very dark cloud hangs over your head

I thought about that moment and that comment for many years. Still think about it πŸ˜€ I understood early on that even by sitting and thinking it communicates something to others around you, and can be positive or negative

In high school I remember many around me being influenced by the things I said and did. (Made me not want to be around people πŸ™‚ Still don’t like people, in general πŸ˜€ ) The point is I became hyper aware that I had the ability to impact others

We are all have the ability to impact others πŸ™‚ We all bring something that is appreciable to each other. We are all light that shines in the darkness.

We create Sunshine! πŸ˜€

Here’s how: everyone looks out for everyone else’s general welfare, if you have something to share with others share it (especially time and/or an ear), it is okay to disagree on matters large and small  – we can do that respectfully and still work together on ideas on how we can be better, allow our belief system to be challenged from time to time given new information, and understand on some ideas with some people we will never have agreement, and that’s okay (as long as that idea is not illegal, immoral, or unethical),

Whoa! What kind of crazy thought is that! πŸ˜€ Get along with each other; work with each other; help each other

I have romantic utopian ideas about the world. I am painfully aware how that contrasts with many of the realities as I know them; but I am a shameless stubborn believer others will choose the good for the many over the good for just themselves in most situations πŸ˜€

I recognize life is not fair and that sometimes things happen that shouldn’t or things don’t happen but should. I never expect everything to be perfect all the time. I hope that stuff will be close to what most of us can agree is best for all, but I am prepared when it’s not and things suck; because they will from time to time. I will always do my best to make sure they don’t and hope others join me in that lifelong endeavor πŸ˜€

This is what I believe πŸ˜€ This is who I am

I love that I love to laugh more than cry, although my tears are not far. I am too aware of the sufferings in the world and the pains, large and small, that the people I care about suffer. But I choose to be positive and smile and look at each day as another opportunity to help and serve others and make something a little better

I do love and appreciate the different perspectives we have as individuals. I love the fact that I know some people who get genuine joy in doing things for others and persevere with their efforts in spite of others


That’s why I am positive each day and smile. I know people that are kind and good, and genuinely care about those around them. It gives me hope each day even though the events in the world would want me to think otherwise, I believe the world is a good place and that we are all looking out for each other

Everyday you can create your own sunshine!


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