2014 Impulse Pre-Tour Part 1

if all the t’s get crossed, and all the i’s dotted…

and people pay their fees 🙂

Get on the bus!!!


7hrs, 8hrs, 6hrs, 10hrs, 1 hr, 11hrs, 6hrs, 13hrs

Those are the approximate number of times you will get on and off a bus, and approximate number of hours each of those rides will be, for the 12 day tour 🙂

We might add an hour to each double digit hour ride as we may need to stop twice traveling those longer distances

Of the 12 days, about 3 days worth of time (63-66hrs) will be spent on the bus 😀

Start thinking about who you want to spend 13-14hrs sitting next to 😀 Also be thinking about who you might imagine sitting around you

More than likely it will be percussion on one bus, guard and brass on the other. There may be one or two exceptions, for specific reasons, but count on it, especially heading to a show, it being percussion bus and guard/horn bus

There will be a handful of rules, but first and foremost –


This rule applies when the bus has stopped and you are to get off

The aisle is either a thoroughfare or a bed

Yes, a bed. More on that later 😀

Along with practicing your music and vizh gig, you need to sit in a chair, next to a wall, put something on the other side of you, and practice getting your stuff together BEFORE STANDING UP

Getting off the bus will occur about 40 times on tour. Be smart. Do what you need to do in your space and not in the middle of the street. That is a good way to think of the aisle. The aisle is a street (unless it’s lights out time, then it’s a bed 😀 ) If by some strange moment you find yourself standing in the aisle, be prepared to hear me or someone else say, very loudly, IF YOU ARE STANDING IN THE AISLE, YOU ARE WRONG

10-14hrs is a long time to be on a bus. Some people can’t sleep sitting up. Sometimes you just gotta get flat

When lights go out, on the bus, the aisle may be for you 😀

Now, individually, you need to establish rules, and modify them if/when necessary. Should you be sleeping and the bus stops (rest stop, truck stop) do you want to be awoken or left sleeping? Understand people may/will step on you either way, but more often then not, you will sleep your way through that stop if it is your choice.

Also, in regards to stops, wherever you are sleeping, and the bus stops, do you want to be awoken. Some of y’all are hard sleepers 😀

Last word regarding sleeping on the bus, please do. Ideally a third of each day you sleep. A quarter of the tour will be on the road. The priority on tour is 1) Shows, 2) Rehearse, 3) Eat, 4) Shower, 5) Sleep

I am dead serious. You will get 2, at the max 3 hours to sleep in the gym when we pull into a school. Be smart. Take care of your body; give it and your mind rest

More tour stuff to follow 😀

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