When I almost got Pregnant

Well, not me; but it felt like me

It was in the Springtime, several years ago at a high school in the east San Gabriel valley. I had four students become pregnant since the beginning of that school year; all seniors and all students I had known since their freshmen year

Feeling a little helpless and frustrated I felt like I needed to do something. After doing some research upon hearing about the latest pregnancy, every class the next day got a lecture on the financial costs of having a baby, for just the first year of that baby’s life

At the time it was $10,000 a year; but it went up at the same rate as today: about $500 more per year. It shoots up to $1000 more per year when they start school. These costs only covered the basics

The information shook most of my students up, looking at just the financial aspects of raising a baby. Shook me up

A day or two later a student, a sophomore, wrote and gave me a page and a half letter. She told me about how her boyfriend had been pressuring her to, “have his baby.” She had actually been considering it before I gave the lecture about the costs of having a baby

She had only been thinking about herself and her relationship and never considered how her having baby would have financially impacted her family. She decided her family was more important than her relationship with that guy and having his baby

Never thought of this before now. Had I given that lecture about the costs of having a baby, would that have impacted those four other girls? Maybe; maybe not

Not to go to far off topic: birth control. A friend was telling me recently a friend of hers conceived her three children while on three different types of birth control 😀

Although the percentages are high, bottom line: if you don’t want to get pregnant, or get someone pregnant, don’t have sex. If you do, better have $1000 a month to spend on a baby, for like, forever

Abortion? That is too personal for me discuss at length. I have never personally had to deal with that issue. The emotional impact it would make on a person to decide to … Yeah, rather just stop there

Morning after pill. Well there’s that

Where were we?


Don’t have them unless you can afford them 😀 hopefully with another person in a loving relationship

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