Figure It Out: Drifting

I was so glad when I exited the parking garage to see Will’s dad, Robert. I consider him an on top of it kind of guy 🙂 “Robert!,” I called out. He quickly turned around 🙂

I asked him if he knew where we were to meet up with the others; he did 🙂

We soon arrived there and played the second half of the “hurry and wait” game 🙂

Later rather than sooner the six of us (3 adults and 3 students) are directed to our booth, sort of 🙂 We are to look for particular signage. Into a sea of vendor booths we begin our journey

Had a “being extra nice” to an attractive person moment very early 😀 Passing by one of the vendor booths I noticed a couple of models setting up their area where they will spend the day taking pictures and smiling. The one with the red hair must have felt my visual attention 🙂 Her head turned with a snap and our eyes locked. I smiled at her and slowed my pace. She turned toward me slightly and smiled. I stopped briefly, turned and gave her a slight bow. She giggled


Turns out there was going to be a whole lot of figure it out going on with everyone this day 🙂 Searching for our booth, we continue

The concession company we work with is a national operation. One of the corporate vice-presidents and his right hand man are on site to directly help implement a reconfiguration of the concession stands, the arrangement of the concession stands, and a increase in variety of food product being sold. Also new, staff preparing food products, and new staff handling product resupply

Good times

Watching and listening to parts of conversations: “last night at the meeting we said…,” “tonight when we meet let’s …” Phone calls, texting back and forth, radio/walkie-talkie chatter. Communicating

Just like…oh no, not really 😀

Sales wise it was a slow day. Only venders and participants or family and friends of venders and participants. Seemed like most people were using this event as a warmup for Grand Prix next weekend

The last “being extra nice” came at almost the end of the day. She was some kind of VIP; but even though her pants, shoes, and jacket said “business” her blouse said “PARTY!” I was outside the booth and as she passed me, walking with a purpose, I said, “I love your blouse!” She actually stopped, turned and smiled a million dollar smile, said thank you and then stepped right back into her asskicker walk tempo


It was a fun day 😀

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