Get better! Each time!: Drifting day #2

Day 2 was a completely different experience from yesterday, Drifting Day 1

First, dozens and dozens and dozens of cheerleaders and cheer moms 😦

Our meeting location turned out to also be the gathering spot for these cheer teams and their support people, mostly moms. I say cheer teams because they weren’t school cheerleaders. The biggest clue was the glitter/sparkle/skin/hair factor. One of the Impulse moms actually pointed out to me: the younger the girls the more the glitter/sparkle/skin/hair. A person outside this cheer world, like myself, would probably have been offended on some level, as I was. Someone needs to tell those moms their little girls are people, not dolls

Off to our booth we go!, and we have a gang of 12 today! πŸ˜€ (although, turns out, we could have used more, not our fault, figure it out was still part of the process)

The sales tempo was moderate to start, the spectator numbers were dramatically up (5 times at least) Then a two hour break in the race action 😦

We got slammed! πŸ˜€

Everyone did as well as they could: the cooks, the kids getting food and soft beverages to customers, the beer pourers, the people doing the sales transactions, the logistical support people, and management all did as much and as well as they could; at that particular point in time πŸ™‚

It wasn’t enough 😦 but it can and will be better next week πŸ˜€ The people in charge are in charge for a reason

They figured it out πŸ˜€

To the credit of the person running our part of the event, when that 2 hour break came, she jumped behind the counter and poured beers, kept product coming when supplies got low, and in general helped manage a slightly chaotic situation πŸ˜€

The customers were fantastic! With one exception, but great considering we served about a thousand people in those two hours. All the customers could tell we were doing the best job we could do

Forgot to mention, the day before and this day we helped cover other groups/booths that were short staff

Because we are Impulse πŸ˜€

We had the kids take their breaks first, after the event break. About 4:15 I took my break. I don’t remember Carol or Tom ever taking breaks

Speaking of Carol, and only because she mentioned it at the time. Tom was on the other side of the booth and asked me to toss him a rag. As soon as it left my hand I knew it was a bad idea. Half way through the air the rag wad opened up and landed on Carol’s face. Sorry Carol

More impressive than the car models at the event this day were the chicks with ink and in general, the women spectators that from head to toe put a great deal of thought into their appearance. Not necessarily these women put a great deal of effort into their appearance; there was just an obvious deliberateness in the application of hair products, make-up, fashion, and accessories. And the ink was some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, besides the “canvas” that was wearing that ink πŸ˜€

California Pizza Kitchen had leftover salads that they gave to us πŸ˜€

I barely ate mine two days later. Salad with greens is something that should be eaten right away

At the end-end of the day the Hooter’s girl team for that event came to rest at a table in front of our booth. I imagine the Hooter’s corporate promo dept. has an “A” list of girls they use for high profile events like this. These girls were definitely box 5 in all captions, but…

I passed by them several times, their table was between my booth and the drain I was pouring buckets of melted ice into. It was a long, long day for everybody at that event, but I was reading something into some of their body language and expressions they wore on their faces that edged past fatigue into a sadness. The crowd and spectators were gone, so the girls were surrounded by people not the least bit interested in them. Those workers and myself were

more interested in getting whatever job done we were doing, and getting the heck home. They, I, couldn’t care less that the Hooter Girls were there.

These girls had no bags or purses. They were obviously hungry, they stopped in a food court! Who ever was responsible for taking care of these girls wasn’t. Probably not the first time; my estimate was they were by themselves at least an hour. I felt a little sorry for them. God bless if you can make money on your appearance, but that has to take some physical and emotional toll.

I remember when a dated a girl who part-time modeled, how she would disconnect emotionally when we walked through large crowds and when we were in public in general. Uncomfortable stares were a norm for her. Anyways.

Stanley (stand lead) (heeheehee) went over some details with the lady in charge at the end-end-end of the day about how to be more efficient for Grand Prix the following weekend


and we will, because that is what we do!

Get Better! Each Time! πŸ˜€

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