2014 Impulse rehearsal #5

Got there about 7:30AM 😀 Got my stuff, headed to the field

Don’t remember my thoughts as I transitioned from parking lot to field, other than I generally reflect on all the times and locations I’ve put a grid down, and now on my way to doing it again 🙂

The grass in general I can see is in good shape. I can see old marks, measure with my stick; the perimeter marks are still accurate. That’s not always the case with old marks; the earth moves 😀

The earth moved a lot since last rehearsal 🙂

EARTHQUAKE!!!!! (Actually there were many)

Of the many joys and pleasures I get painting a grid one of them is an opportunity to be focused. I have to stay focused on the task at hand. If I allow my mind to wander while painting the lines and gaks, the grid won’t have the precision that I want, expect, and need

I will on occasion point out to the young humans they need to look and move with the same precision evidenced on that grid 😀

Kelvin gets there about 9 as I am finishing the gaks and helps me do the last 4 rows (of 16)

We head back to the front of the school


Josh was on vizh staff from 2010 through the first May camp in 2012. I run into him from time to time at band and drum line shows over the past couple of years. He is a solid instructor and communicates in a manner that is comfortable with the young humans, other instructional staff, and with support staff.

One of the young humans saw Josh the previous day at a competition and asked him to stop by rehearsal, and Josh did!!! 😀 I talk briefly with him and Lizzy gets there and jumps into the Kool-Aid 🙂 Niko arrives, we talk briefly about stuff. He sees Josh and I can tell he is genuinely glad to see him 😀 Everyone who knows Josh is always glad to see him 🙂

Josh, Niko, and I walk out to the field together chatting along the way; then Niko goes back. During the run/stretch/warm-up Josh and I ketchup 🙂
After they are done with that I sit the young humans down briefly

I talk with them about a few important ideas that are now abstract concepts but soon will be concrete realities. I ask them to internalize and embrace these ideas and to do it in a manner that this information is processed both intellectually and emotionally

When they get on the grid and I start running exercises with them I can tell a few of them have taken the consistent message I give them to heart and improved their individual visual gig 😀

But not all of them 😦

Also, as an ensemble, their physical conditioning and strength is still solid bottom box 3 😦 I rep them on 2 exercises for the better part of two hours, and threw Josh in the instructional mix 😀

Oh yeah, that Zach Snow YH, stepped up another level helping the YYH with the 16 to 5 step size 🙂

At the end of the block I had Josh take the vets and do vet stuff while I took the rookies and did some Drum Corps 101. First I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly acknowledge that this ensemble has 3 of the best DMs I have ever known. Also I gave them some more information that is currently an abstract concept but will soon be a concrete reality, information they need to start marinating now

Took Josh to lunch. One of the first things we talked about was what did he talk about with the vets. Turns out he covered many of the same things I covered when I had vet time at the end of the previous vizh block 😀

Go figure 🙂

It’s drum corps

Don’t Suck
Figure It Out
Max Your Gig

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