Long Beach Grand Prix 2014

5:15AM in Anaheim. I’m riding to Long Beach with Matt and his mom, but picking up Elliut first πŸ™‚ Matt’s mom made cinnamon rolls and breakfast burritos for all of us πŸ˜€

I ate a cinnamon roll when we got to the parking structure and put the burrito in my pocket πŸ™‚ Others arrive near where we are parked, we gather and set forth to the place of Palm trees and glass doors

All others in our group working that day are already at the gathering spot, the palm trees. After the required hurry and wait we all proceed to the booths. We are manning 4 booths through the weekend

Don’t remember much about this day other than a couple of things. One of the members had a family friend working for him. She was around the same vintage as myself and I thought she was rather cute πŸ˜€ Who ever was the lead that day paired us for one of the points of sale πŸ™‚

Besides being cute, I was attracted to her energy. Between sales I spent what opportunities I had being extra nice to her in conversation πŸ™‚ It was a little disappointing when by mid-late afternoon the day had taken it’s toll on her. When she commented on her waning energy I asked her how she thought my energy level was at that same moment. She said it felt to her like I had the same energy level as in the morning


Of course I did

Drifting, the previous weekend, was supposed to be a warmup to Grand Prix. Friday night at Drifting, our booth was shut down by 6PM. Other booths this Friday were told to shut down at 6PM but ours stayed open until just passed 8

No bueno

Not expecting to be open so late I did not maintain the beers at a proper temperature level. That and some other factors made them difficult to pour that late in the day

One customer was borderline combative about the foam level in his cup with new cute friend. I stepped in, took the beer, which honestly was about 4 or 5 ounces of foam (24oz cans) in a 32oz cup. Gave that beer to another customer happy to have a beer. I get a freshie and pour the slowest beer EVER!


I hand the guy a cup of beer with MAYBE 2 centimeters of foam

Bam! Like a boss

Get home at midnight. Next day pick up Elliut and Roll out of Ruben’s at 5:45AM He has to drop off a parking pass and credentials to some others, we do and by 6:30 we’re in the parking structure

I remember around 2PM I was getting a little cross eyed when Jayme told me to take a break and eat something

I get stupid, sometimes, when I get too focused on maxing out a situation. On the list of priorities that morning, eating was not one of them

This day went much better, as I anticipated they would shut all other concessions down and leave our booth the last one open until the absolute end. Impulse has a reputation with this concession company of getting things done, and getting them done right. So much so the company requested 5-6 rovers from Impulse each day to go to other booths and make those booths as efficient as ours πŸ˜€

At the end of the night, as Elliut and I are on the way to meeting Ruben I see something in plastic wrap sticking out of a bush. As I pass by, I grab it. Its a ham and cheese sandwich. I keep it

Ruben, Elliut, and I get burritos in Anaheim sometime after 11PM and sometime after midnight I get home, set my alarm for 4AM with the intent of being in Anaheim before 5:30

At 5:45AM Carol calls and asks me if I will make it that day

Never sit back in a bed after waking up with only 4 hours of sleep

6:45AM I am in a parking structure on Long Beach Blvd and Ocean Blvd across from the Grand Prix. I text Ruben and tell him I am heading to the booth

As I am entering the Grand Prix market extravaganza, I run into an old friend on the plaza in front of the theater πŸ™‚ Seems like forever since I’ve seen her. We start talking πŸ˜€ I’m really enjoying the conversation and start playing the, does anybody care that I’m here, game

Ruben never responded to my text

Continue my conversation with Friend πŸ™‚ At some point she points out, I forget why, her torso is longer than her legs, something I had never noticed before, which I thought was a good thing I think. When I stopped and actually looked, it was quite surprising to me how accurate her statement was!


It was a great hour and a half conversation in so many ways, but then Isaac called telling me people are wondering where I am at. I say goodbye to Friend and actually head to the booth


Random ham and cheese bush sandwich is consumed by me, in front of Elliut πŸ™‚

The day goes well. It’s only a 12 hour day that day. For what ever reason I am surprised at how well I feel at the end of it πŸ˜€ Oh yes, I remember now part of the reason why

We have a box everyday that is called Spoils. It’s inventory we can’t sell for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, it’s counted as part of our inventory; without it, those items would be counted against our receipts

Because it looks like trash, someone threw it away

No bueno

Over $200 in product

I took an empty box and covered the grounds looking in trash cans to retrieve like items I knew I spoiled, plus as many of the other items I remember seeing in the Spoils

I think I came close πŸ˜€

It was a great weekend. Still feeling the effects, but mostly in a good way

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