Long Beach Grand Prix 2014 – The Women

Didn’t notice



I did spend a majority of my time pouring beers. A choice on my part. The quicker the pour, the quicker the next sale. But you can’t rush a pour, and you have to be completely focused through the pour. Anyways, point is I missed a lot of people watching, but I’m okay with that. Of my 44 hours of Grand Prix, I doubt more than 20 hours were spent pouring beer 🙂

24 hours is a lot of people watching 😀

The Grand Prix Women

Basically I’ll say they were in three categories: race team models, vendor models, and spectators

Race Team Models
This is an interesting way to earn some money. They should measure the girls before putting them into those matching spandex outfits. For the most part they were attractive, but different body types didn’t always make the one size fits all approach work. Some teams were better than others hiring girls with measurements almost completely consistent. Can’t imagine what goes through their minds as they smile posing with strangers. No judgement, just saying the superficial nature of their role must take some kind of emotional toll. Blessed are the hotties that can get these gigs and make the most out of them 🙂

Vendor Models
Besides themselves these girls have a product on display 😀 I’ll throw this mini-story in here, because I can 🙂 I lost my phone early Saturday morning because I’m stupid like that. I had purchased a lanyard for Rebeca when I noticed I didn’t have my phone anymore. Going back and forth twice to that souvie booth and no luck either time, I go booth to booth asking if anyone has found or turned in a phone


One of the moms I’m working with offers her phone so I can call and suspend service 🙂 But, naturally, before I do that, I go on Facebook 😀 There’s a message from Sarah that my phone is at the information booth in the arena!


The Hustler Girls found my phone! 😀 I had just used it before losing it so it wasn’t locked. They checked recent contacts and sent Sarah a message that they found my phone and where it would be

After getting my phone back I stop by to thank them. I didn’t ask every single person at each booth if they found a phone. The two girls I didn’t ask were busying. They were all the sweetest girls. The two I did talk to seemed genuinely concerned that I’d lost my phone and all 4 were so happy I got it back so quickly 🙂

Me too! 😀

Spectator Women
Quite the variety 🙂 Gran Prix is an international event. There were lovely women from all over the world. The younger women in there 20’s tended to be more local. It was interesting to see how women whose bloom is fading were handling that. A few made bigger hair, more makeup, and pushed up and out what they had. Most others were more elegant in presenting themselves. I did see a few younger women escorting much older men, maybe the operative word there is escort 🙂

All in all the people watching was excellent. Some of the cutest kids, more than a handful of handsome men at any given time, and some of the prettiest girls and most beautiful women 🙂

But none more cute, handsome, pretty, or beautiful than my Sunday morning Friend

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