Easter 2014

Going to the Tia’s 🙂 They have done some remodeling to their house and want to show off so the Romero clan is heading there this Easter 😀 Don’t know if cousin Vicki is in town. Speaking of, love this little story…

I am at least 11-12 years older than Vicki. When she was in high school we were having some Romero shindig at her house. She’s on the phone with a friend and I was nearby. She tells her friend, wait, hold on. Vicki asks me what I was doing either later or the next weekend, and would I like to go out with her friend? I’m like, dude, I’m 30 years old! She looked at me kinda funny, like wow, she had no idea I was that old 😀

Hahahahaha 30


Anyways. The Tia’s said to be there at 1. Ha! My plan is to be there at 2:30 in the hopes that food will be ready at 3:30 🙂 They are on their own sense of time

One time they insisted another relative have her birthday there, but to bring her own cake!


She did and also got there when she was told, and ended up helping cook her own birthday dinner, as stuff was still happening when she got there 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Tia’s, we all do. In general, we are a loving family. Very fortunate throughout growing up to have the opportunities to gather as an extended family and share company and great food 😀

And the Tia’s do that. Make great food. We actually have a number of family members that are quite the good cook, including myself!

😀 oh so humble!

Hey, it’s true 🙂

My hands hurt. Been doing some major re-landscaping the past two mornings. Out, ugly bushes. In, flowering plants! 🙂

It’s springtime! 😀

Be loving and kind to all, today and everyday


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