My mother’s brothers all married very beautiful women and all my mother’s nieces take after their mothers 🙂

So yesterday after telling the cyber world that I was going to my Tia’s. I get in the car and start heading to my uncle Oswaldo’s house. 99.9% of the Romero shindigs are at Oswaldo’s. About half way there it clicks and I get turned into the right direction.

And to top it off I was WAY wrong about my Tia’s preparedness. Looks like 1PM stuff was ready to go 🙂 because of that and everyone else being on time, I only got to see cousin Letty about an hour before her, her handsome husband Eric, and her father, Humberto, had to leave

Speaking of Humberto, he and Oswaldo were all over the karaoke 😀 I watched with particular interest as Camila and Tina, and Letty watched their fathers sing 🙂

Made me think of my own father 🙂 Not that my dad could sing, dude was tone deaf (and he threw a ball like a girl, but I loved him anyways 😀 ) (the Romeros have the music/dance/arts genes) Just watching my cousins watch their father reminded me of moments watching my father enjoying himself in the company of our loving family

My niece, Devon, brought a non-Mexican friend to the Easter/birthday soirée 🙂 We ate in the backyard next to a huge bird cage with like 20 parakeets, had chili rellenos-beans-rice, and two old guys are singing Mexican rancheros. Even I was feeling a strong ethnic moment 😀

Eric was able to get a little karaoke in before leaving. Letty asked me, you sing Raymond, don’t you?

I just smiled

(I sang a lot in the booth over the Grand Prix weekend, using whatever was necessary to stay in the moment)

No karaoke for me unless a Hernandez is involved 😀

Xavier said it looks like I trimmed down a little. Funny I got that same comment from a former student a few weeks ago at a Drumline show. I’ve cut back on morning chow to one egg and two slices of toast, instead of 2 and 4. Picked up the evening exercise a little.

Meh w/e 🙂

Camila and Tina made the egghunt gig happen. Kids are getting a little too old, but the kids played along 😀

We sang Happy Cake 🙂 Started out half-hearted but picked up a couple of clicks by the end 🙂

So there was an event (1) at the Tia’s but there were twenty-four (24) experiences


I could see Tina and Camila were moving the moments along because they had the whole in-law thing to do still. Tina and fam left first and as Camila prepped to leave she realized Xavier had taken her keys. It gave us more time to chat in front of the house

That’s when I noticed, just as Xavier returned with Camila’s llaves

Little kids were running up and down the street trying to get a kite in the air. I excused myself from Prima and told the kid holding the string to give it to me. I unwound it until I was up a driveway across the street from another kid holding the kite. They were having trouble getting the kite into the right position, so cousin John Jr. grabbed the kite positioned it correctly and threw it into the wind

TA-DA! Kite flying in the air now 🙂

Happy kids 😀

Hope everyone has love in their life and are able to share that love with others

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