Confidence is Sexy

Strength is Sexy

A sharp mind is Sexy

Being vulnerable is Sexy

There are a whole lotta traits and characteristics that people find sexy and attractive 🙂

Projecting a consistent energy, a desire to push through all elements and variables to deliver a presence that can be recognized and appreciated is achievable 😀 …

and Sexy 😀

Limits, boundaries, walls that exist only in the mind must be eliminated if greatness is to be achieved

Pain and discomfort are words that must be unlearned. They have no value or meaning

Wait a second Ray, back off a little

Okay 😀

If you’re walking barefoot and step on a large piece of broken glass that slices through the bottom of your foot and comes out through the top of your foot, that is some REAL pain and discomfort


A) watch where you’re stepping
B) always wear shoes
C) wrap bandages around foot DO NOT REMOVE THE GLASS
D) that’s what emergency rooms are for 😀

We started with Sexy, now we’re in the ER 🙂

Sexy only knows one level of commitment 😀

There’s a good word


Be committed to being Sexy 🙂

The first word on this post about Sexy is confidence

Confidence come from preparedness. Knowing what your doing. Mastering information, turning that information into knowledge. Knowledge that can be applied with skill and precision. Knowing you have the ability to consistently apply the knowledge you possess with skill and precision makes you confident 🙂


In the history of the human race, when someone has practiced a particular skill, they get better at it 😀

Practice until you can’t do it wrong 🙂

You know what is right. You know what is good. You know what will make you better and put you on and keep you on the road to greatness…

and the road to Sexy 😀

Another word I threw out there in relation to Sexy is vulnerable. To expose yourself to possible physical or emotional harm speaks about a person’s strength to take such risks 🙂

Physical and emotional wounds can heal

Scars are Sexy 😀

I was talking to a friend last summer about having met someone recently who participated in a particular activity for over eight years. I said about that guy, damn, that’s a lot of emotional scarring 🙂

Welcome to my world 😀

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