Ray 101

If you want to change someone’s behavior, you need to change yours first

Or you can just ignore the behavior

Some behaviors are hard to ignore. Some people are hard to ignore. I’m hard to ignore 😀

Don’t think many people are wanting to or are trying to ignore me 🙂

To frequently I see others annoyed at behaviors that have nothing to do with them. More often than not behaviors just are

Reminds me of my time teaching general ed. English, 6 sections, average 30 per class. I saw lots of adolescent behaviors everyday! 🙂

Kids act out or seek adult approval in a classroom setting for many of the same reasons. Kids seek peer attention, both negative and positive, for a lot of those same reasons.

Ironic, yes? 🙂 Yes 😀

Well Ray, what are these reasons?

It doesn’t matter 🙂

Well what’s your point Ray?


Behaviors matter, or they don’t

More often than not, behaviors shouldn’t matter

If you’re annoyed with another’s behavior, change yours . Yes it’s that simple. Or maybe it’s your attitude


There’s a lot of suck out there

(Haven’t talked about The Suck in quite awhile)

Don’t waste any time thinking about, talking about, or trying to do anything about The Suck

Unless you can directly or indirectly reduce or eliminate The Suck. Then, by all means, please do 😀

Know, at times, The Suck will happen. As time passes, so will The Suck. But don’t be surprised when it comes back; it will 🙂

Why are you smiling Ray?

Because behaviors and The Suck don’t matter, not to me anyways 😀

What’s your gig? Figure it out; max it out…

and don’t suck


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