2014 Impulse rehearsal #6

Made pit stops in Monrovia and Lakewood on the way to Huntington Beach, and we didn’t see boats on the way! 🙂

A couple of people that were with me on that epic, driving in circles for over an hour, morning reminded me of that moment recently. They said what made it most funny and memorable was the confidence I had that I insisted absolutely that I knew what I was doing and where I was going 🙂

More on this moment in later post 😀

I was feeling unusually edgy, angry, emotional this morning. When I went to the snare sectional after lunch, Niko took me aside and we had a brief chat. He helped me understand, in part, why I felt like I did that morning 🙂 Love that guy. Plus he’s kinda like George Clooney and Brad Pitt; keeps getting better looking with age. Wow 6 years I’ve know that guy now!

Speaking of handsome 😀 I told some kids at lunch I’m going to be 50 🙂 They were like, no way!

Way! 🙂

Gave Martha a big hug at lunch 😀

Back to the morning.

At the truck, Will asked me what the plan was for the day 🙂 Love that and love that kid. Having said that I am a little annoyed again, right now. Don’t worry. I’m only annoyed because I love You


I told Lane at Grand Prix what my vizh plan was for this morning. I told Will the vizh plan that morning. They either did not share that information with the entire battery or the battery decided it did not want rise to the challenge

Either way…Grrrrrr

Speaking of not sharing…DMs “standing by”

I acknowledged to them, DMs, that I haven’t modeled commands much at all this season, instead pushing the concept of Performer Initiative

They will get set, be ready, go to attention when they are of the mind set to achieve as an ensemble

Isn’t it my job to get them ready? Yes and no 🙂 I am there to assist them in achieving what they desire to achieve

Ok, back to the morning again 🙂

No Kelvin this morning. He’s in figure it out mode. Zach and Henry got there at 9. I decided I was finished painting at that point 🙂 Them being there early will come in handy one day. I had painted plenty of field at that point 😀

When the battery and hornline arrived at the field I was not feeling the intent and energy that I want and expect from a performing ensemble. That thought that I allowed to acknowledge how I was feeling put me into a difficult emotional position to instruct from.

I stayed away from the warm-up/stretch block and talked with a vet, not in the corps this year, and got myself in check 🙂

Got my notebook and circulated through the block doing the attendance thing.

Got them in a block and gave them 4 of 6 sets of counts they were to achieve that morning. That is not entirely true. In between each count set would be an 8ct hold and after the 6th set would be a 4ct turn 🙂

Took them 4 or 5 reps to execute those first four sets at a technical and performance level that was acceptable for that morning

Not Show ReadyThat was a concept I hope is echoing in their ears between now and next Saturday. Be Show Ready Now. Why? Why not. Because, that’s why

I will say there was improvement through the block, but that is to be expected. The block still could have and should have been better

Desire, intent, energy

I still am not sure what they, as an ensemble want and expect to achieve. Right now my demand on them is exceeding the demand they have of themselves.

Like I’m working with kids 😀

I left them with a question. Several actually. What is their love and commitment to Impulse. Is their a love, or are they just playing drum corps. What are they willing to do in the time we are apart to improve the quality of our relationship. That means they need to get better individually for us to improve as an ensemble

Spoke with a couple of parents, separately, at the end of the day, as usual 🙂 Shared with those parents some of the words I shared with the young humans that day. Both parents asked if I think those kids really understood what I said

We shall see

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