2014 Impulse May mini-camp

Why even call it a camp?

Because, we can

But it’s not overnight!? 😦

Get over it

What are more interested in hanging out and having fun or getting on the field, getting show learned and getting into sectionals and ensembles and tightening up the music?

That’s a loaded question πŸ™‚

Getting better as an ensemble by definition means you’re together enjoying what you are achieving

That’s great, Ray, but I was really looking forward to an overnight camp

Fair enough, in three weeks you’ll spend THREE NIGHTS together πŸ˜€


So Ray, this drum corps thing, camps, overnight…


Think of all the time and mental energy you’ve, essentially, wasted at not being thrilled that this weekend is not an overnight camp

But Ray, I’m a kid. I just wanna get out of my house!

Why? You have a nice house. Everything is relative, right? The guy pushing the shopping cart with cans and bottles; he’d like to stay at your house

Okay, homeless guy stays at my house; now can we have an overnight camp this weekend?

If it were only that easy πŸ˜€

So remember the words about truth and reality? There is sometimes a discrepancy between your expectations that are true and real to you, then you experience something some refer to as disappointment

Like me! Waiting 5 reps to see something demonstrated from you I expected to see the first time!

Ouch Ray; too soon


Let’s be positive. Let’s be encouraging. Let’s be supportive. Let’s move with a purpose. Let’s make the gig happen, and max it out πŸ˜€

Stay focused on what is in your control. Don’t let elements and variables, that are ALWAYS subject to change dictate what you think and how you feel πŸ™‚

We have 16 hours this weekend to elevate your performance level to SHOW READY status

I am thrilled, I am excited, and I am totally looking forward to seeing you all this weekend

I strongly suggest you share this πŸ™‚

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