2014 Impulse Rehearsal #7 – Mini Camp

In an attempt to simulate tour conditions I went to Camp, day 1, on 4 hrs sleep πŸ™‚ I thought all was grand until it was vizh block time

Got there around 8 Maribel and Ruben were already there ready to set up food and quite a number of kids were already there too πŸ˜€ I unlocked the truck, put the schedule up and headed to the field

I counted yard lines, knew I needed 2 more; measured from the 50 yard line and threw down a front sideline. A thought just occurred to me; had I been more thoughtful of the lower battery I would have also thrown down a back sideline too and done that first and avoided what was my first mistake, error, tick of the day 😦

The grid we’ve used the last couple of rehearsals was still there for the most part. Blue gaks everywhere, and they were not in alignment with the new field grid for learning drill 😦

Ray ticks too, sometimes

We will be having auditions for a new visual caption head…


When the corps gets to the field for basics I made a feeble attempt in an explanation to get them to focus on the new marks and ignore the old. Should have just told them straight up, I F’d up and kept them on the front part of the field and away from the CF of marks that lay between the hashes

The first couple of times they moved and reset they were having trouble getting set to the proper marks. First of all, I don’t think everyone completely understood the new grid was marked with green gaks, and quite honestly green paint on well maintained grass is hard to see πŸ™‚ All of them were used to setting on blue gaks, but a field marked for drill only has blue gaks for NCAA hashes πŸ˜€ at least when I am painting the field

After watching them struggle twice resetting I shouldn’t have but I did become amused more than annoyed πŸ˜€ They were trying to figure out how to set and maybe even unconsciously thinking, hey Ray, them blue marks are sure hard to ignore

I tried to stifle an lol but I ended spitting out some laughter anyway and yelled out GET ON THE BLUE! Not surprisingly, the unnecessary tension I had created dissipated. We continue and all was good

They learned opener drill and had a successful evening ensemble rehearsal πŸ˜€

Saturday night/Sunday morning I gave myself 5 hours sleep this time πŸ˜€

Oh by the way. Niko had his baby a few days prior, good for him and his wife; and it shouldn’t matter that he’s not there. The vizh guy does not need distraction from battery dirt’n up the music

Get there 7:30 day #2 cause Jaymi wanted the pit people to clean and organize the places inside the rig where the pit has their equipment πŸ™‚

Bryan, bass 3, sent me a message this morning about the stretch gig. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine since my membership days. Bryan and I will lead the stretch, and rotate in guest leaders; guard will do their own stretch. Not a criticism of anyone. Just make more efficient use of time

Shauna was there for the guard! Yay! Lizzy’s been holding down the fort but needed reinforcement. Heffa will be the choreographer πŸ˜€

Horns sounded good during sectionals πŸ™‚

I am too nice to them. I get angry with them when they make mindless errors not from a bruised ego, but because it is a waste of their time. Then I waste more time talking to them about why the error. Between now and the 18th I need to think of more ways to help them be smarter, and ways for myself to be smarter too πŸ™‚

We had some horns move spots and some horns moved to different sections over the two day camp. Guard changed some spots too and there were battery people who missed Saturday were there on Sunday, so we reset set to set. It’s all good, reinforced, chunked, got some runs in. Ensembled, happy tired drum corps πŸ˜€

They are so young and inexperienced, as a group. Our vets are too nice, like me I would say. The challenge for me now is to help them create desire within themselves beyond their current comprehension. I must get them to see in the minds eye and feel in their soul something they’ve never experienced or felt on a deep emotional level. That is my job. That is my challenge; to figure out how to address that, individually and as an ensemble, and make that happen

Tornados: Bears: Blood: Emergency Room: Love: That First Kiss, exciting and scary πŸ˜€

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