It’s simply complicated :)

What is, Ray?

Me! Not really, but yes, but not really, kinda sorta 😀

Life is simply complicated 🙂

Not really, but yes, but not really, kinda sorta 😀

I think my efforts to live as simple a life as possible has made things more complicated for others around me

Or it hasn’t, but it has. Because I think so, or not, doesn’t make it true. But it is 🙂



Okay, Ray, if you’re not going to tell a story, start making a point

It’s simply complicated 🙂

There’s a richness in life that always surrounds us that we sometimes miss. Saw something on the internet that said “Some people are so poor, all they have is money”

Our country is basically, in commercial terms, based on capitalism and consumerism. My biggest buy-into this concept are commercial jingles. The rest to me is BS

I understand that the more a company sells, the greater the profits, people have jobs, maybe get raises. But in reality the owners of a company keep more of the profits than sharing those profits with their employees. The employers buy into the BS that the more money and stuff you have, that makes you and your life better than someone else’s

But Ray, that’s true. I see people with fancy cars and pretty houses behind gates. I imagine they have great jobs and are happy

Fancy cars and pretty houses behind gates are nice. Doesn’t equal happy or good job. They could drug dealers, and I don’t mean pharmacists

Life is simply complicated 🙂

I’m complicated, but I’m not

Someone emailed me a few days ago. It was really nice message about falling in love with me after reading some of my posts. I actually get those kinds of messages 2 or 3 times a year 😀 and I can tell by the way they expressed themselves they were younger people

I always respond something to the effect like, thank very much, very nice, I’m 50

Do I “sound” young? How are old people supposed to write?

It’s simply complicated 🙂

Pretty soon there are going to be many disappointed people and pretty soon there are going to be some very happy and excited people. Do you know why? Life!

It’s simply complicated 🙂

Don’t feel sorry for the disappointed people and don’t feel glad for the happy people.

Okay, you can if you want 🙂 You’re going to be in both of those groups in the future, and have been in both of those groups in the past. Why? Life!

It’s simply complicated 🙂

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