Music is such a powerful thing!

This was shared with me recently. I think it’s very awesome 😀

Music can change people, for the better or the worse. I truly believe that we are that of the music we listen to, the books we read, the people we meet, and not what happens to us, however it is how we react to what happens to us, that builds our character.

People listen to music for many reasons. Boredom, fun, to clear a silence. It is the music one listens to alone that makes a difference. When you’re alone in your room, taking a walk, and what you listen to as you want to go to bed. It’s in those moments that music changes. You listen to ease yourself, to feel comfort. You listen to songs that relate to you, the songs that you once played on repeat months, maybe years ago. This is when music is most valuable to someone. You listen to remember – to feel.

Songs can bring back thoughts that used to swarm in your head, memories start playing back like clips of a movie, and you can feel so close to what you felt in that moment. It can bring new ideas and raise ambition. When you’re listening to music for reasons such as nostalgia, it’s when you most understand every beat of the drum, the strum of the guitar, and the lyrics. Not all music needs words to give you something to feel, or to think about. Every hard and smooth transition in the song hits you like waves of the ocean.

People can change their minds, their attitudes, and their perspective because of music. You can learn a lot about people when you see the depths of their music choice, and you can learn a lot about yourself when you find music for yourself.

Music choice is about taking chances into different genres, the different rhythms and melodies. Finding out there?s something else you can fall in love with that you didn?t even know existed. It’s also about understanding not only the emotion of the song, but the emotion of yourself. Does it make you want to dance? Sing? Cry? Be around your loved ones, or alone?

Then there are musicians. People who are so dedicated to music, so in love with it, that they make an activity, a hobby, a career, and a life out of it. To be completely surrounded by the absolute love of their life. They join a band, or an orchestra, or a symphony; any way that they can play music. And it’s funny because I’ve done that myself, and it’s there that you meet people a lot like you, and the music makes bonds with people stronger than you can imagine. So much so that it’s strange to imagine your life without the activity.

Music can change people, in so many ways. It can take people to places they’ve never been, show them things they’ve never seen, and give them comfort. It takes them to a place of ease and understanding with each note and beat. It can make them feel at home, and it can get them through everything they encounter. Music is there to help you through the bad times, and make you dance in the good.

Music is such a powerful thing.

-Shayy Kelly

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