How to Achieve Excellence

Hang out with me 🙂

So much randomness going through my brain

Was going to share some of the great moment conversations I had last weekend. Forgot all of them except one. Not because they weren’t important. They were very important, especially at the time. It’s just that not everything said or done needs to be talked about or written down 😀

I would have made a great priest. All that stuff in the Confessional would’ve been forgotten by the time I got to the rectory 🙂

I’ve gotten three emails from a young lady, 22, who lives in Chicago. The first was unsolicited, the next two were responses to my emails back to her. Interesting conversation, so far. If I ever entertain the thought of taking her to a Clipper game, I’ll let you know 😀

Breakfast with Dan Saturday. He mentioned there’s a vizh gig in the OC that could be mine, if I want it. Hoping for the, well, don’t want to jinx that 😀

Teaching more show Sunday. Need to make sure I get current contact info from Shauna and Heffa. Unless there’s a logistical issue, I am going to have the guard stretch separate from the corps; just a better use of time, in my opinion

Need to get a hold of Ruben, Jr. I posted something on the hornline page. Really disappointed in the responses (1) Oh well, I’m over it. Speaks to where they are at, or more specifically where they are not, individually, in maxing this gig out. I need to figure out how to help them figure out how to figure stuff out 😀 I think most of them are ready to be responsible young adults; the rest will be ready to become responsible young adults in four weeks

What a coincidence! That’s when we have our first show! 😀

Turning young inexperienced humans into salty, hardened, god-like, sexy beast performers is my challenge

Challenge accepted 😀

My concern is not that I won’t be successful in meeting this challenge. The challenge will be met. No compromise; failure is not an option. What I’ve already expressed to them is for them to be show ready now!

I am expecting of them something they still cannot comprehend at this point 🙂

I got some ideas to help them achieve emotions and a performance quality that is consistently excellent : D

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