I remember in college, I think the course was called Human Sexuality, there was a debate one class session about abortion. My recollection about that debate was that the most vigorous arguments against women having a choice (you know my position) were being made by young men!


I also remember being very angry to a point that when I finally spoke my voice was shaky and I was on the edge of angry tears. My position was men should have no voice in the abortion debate. There can be an argument for men to have a voice in the abortion debate. I think any argument in support of men determining what women can and cannot do is an invalid argument.

Let’s consider the scenarios a girl/woman has an unwanted pregnancy: 1) oops 2) rape

2) There are those, and men are the only ones I’ve heard speak publicly on this issue, that would force a girl or woman made pregnant as a result of rape to carry that child to term.

That is just sick and depraved

1) Let me be clear. Any person, man, woman, or child that does not have an extra $1,000-$1,200 a month laying around should not be having sex. Having said that it’s going to happen. Girls get pregnant. Women without means of support get pregnant.

I am personally against abortion, but I support a person who is pregnant the right to choose

To some the arguments for or against abortion are clear and non-negotiable. I think that’s fine, for an individual or couple, maybe even a family, but in 1973 the US Supreme Court made a decision.

The legal argument the justices ruled on in favor of abortion: the right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment

Another fact, most likely least considered by anti-abortion advocates; in many cases a person with an unwanted pregnancy will find a way to not be pregnant, risking their health and possibly the health of others.

At the very least right and wrong in this issue are really about morals and values; and on that note…

Is it morally ethical to force a child to be born into a possible life of poverty?

Or what in the case of sending an infant into a situation where the mother is in some kind of relationship with an physically abuse husband/BF. Never hear about that in the news, oh, only about once a month or so; and in those cases it usually involves a child’s death

And isn’t that what the anti-abortion people are trying to avoid? Better to end an unwanted life in utero than for that child to be unspeakably tortured for several months or years before death


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