2014 Impulse Rehearsal #8

Got Monrovia peeps 🙂 Brandon and Kelsi this time

My original intent was to get to Marina and go straight to the field and paint. We’ve moved start up time to 9:00am and sign-in at 8:30. Getting there just before 8:00 gave me a little more than half an hour to work, not enough time, that and not seeing the truck caused me to spend some time figuring that out. I quickly decided to wait until sectional time to paint

I don’t think the truck getting there at sign in time was the deciding factor in us getting started a half hour late. We just all didn’t move with a purpose at that point. I will communicate that we need to have the truck there by 8:00 so vets and a few rooks can get it unloaded before sign in

The energy seemed to be low for whatever reasons: end of the school year, finals, proms (a lot if late proms this year), the end of a week long fierce heat wave. Like I said, whatever. I addressed my observation of their energy level before warm ups and that may have helped them focus and exert more effort and energy to max that moment, which they did, and all other moments I was able to observe them 🙂

Well, almost all moments. It’s like I’m working with kids! 😀

Need to work on the “bring it in” etiquette

So Bryan led the stretch. Finally got my brain turned on and got the DMs in front too, and I participated! 😀 The warmup went well. Bryan told me later he got some compliments on it. When we are making better use of our time we’ll increase the P/T part of the warmup. Ideally we need to schedule 45 min for a solid stretch/PT. Off they went to sectionals. Had all the paint stuff out already and I got to work

Not my best field. Not terrible, but could have been better. Couple of yard lines and a couple of the fours (the green “yard lines” splitting the whites) were janky, 1″-1 1/2″ off the center of the line for a couple of feet here and there. Also need to remember I need 5 cans of green. Pulled Henry out of sectionals so he could bring me another can of green. Ray ticks too, but rarely 😀

Went to my car when I was done painting to rest a little. Emphasis on the little. About a minute or two after sitting down Tom comes by with a list from Carol on people she needs to see regarding uniforms. Tom and I talk briefly then I head over to battery first

Niko!!! 😀

Some teaching of new music is going on so I chill and wait for a break in the action to talk to the kids I need to talk to. Same is happening with the pit, who I went to next, and finally the horn line. Got the word to those that needed it to see Carol. When I finished that went back to the car for another moment of rest.

A couple of minutes later I see that the horns and battery are going to music ensemble. I walked over to observe. Also notice that because of not moving more purposefully to start the day, lunch will be moved back half an hour for the horns and battery. Not everyone got the memo, so guard and pit took off at different lunch times. It’s all good 🙂 When the battery and horns were done, Jeff turned to me and asked what time did I want them on the field 😀

On the field in one hour. On the field at 2:05

Coming back from lunch gave us an hour and 25 min to go dot to dot, re-teach/reinforce 13 sets and 2 halts, plus teach 5 new sets and 2 more halts, and…

Guard had new work and choreography to apply to the drill also (which they did, very effectively, thank you Lizzy and Shauna) 😀

Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!! 😀

We ended up taking 1:35. Ten minutes more, meh. We got it done 🙂

Since Jeff so generously offered to be on the field during ensemble time I got to run that 😀 There was definitely a visual focus for ensemble time but I took the opportunity to cross caption a couple of times 😀 I need to remember when the opportunity to run the ensemble rehearsal comes again, to give techs on the field more time to make comments. I was mindful of them and paced the rehearsal so they did have time to make comments, I only specifically called out for field comments a couple of times. I need to start that block and specify to techs and the members what the focus and objectives are for that block, and sometimes there will be little or no time for field comments

Jeff suggested we end field ensemble a little early and send the corps to music ensemble with the pit. Excellent. Off the field and to the pit we go. Pit, battery, and horns run the new music together a few times then do one run of all the show music to that point. Kids are really excited about the show 😀

We have some final words. Mine is yes the gig is getting better and stronger; they still have a long way to go, and I will most definitely help them 🙂

I am so glad Kelsi is going to be a part of Impulse. She’s already communicated to me things she sees that I can do better, and/or help others to be better at. I like smart kids that speak out, always keeping me on my toes 😀 When you stop learning from kids you are teaching you’re no longer a real teacher 😀 Funny when Brandon asked her if she made any new friends today she said, I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to work!

I love that attitude. Reminds me of somebody 😀

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