2014 Taft Camp – Saturday

Had a little trouble getting to sleep. Sounded like the patents got up around 5:30am. By the time I went outside just after 6, Maribel, Ruben, Tom, and Irene had stuff set up and ready to go for breakfast 🙂

Ruben brought the Keurig machine


But the cup is so hot right now, I’m just going to enjoy holding it. Oooooo, took a sip. Mmmm 🙂

I think the schedule fix for the shower situation is 1/2 hour showers during breakfast time and after the last block during snack time before lights out, with girls going first. We have to give it a shot. They’re musicians/performers. They can make this work. If we have add a few more counts here and there, we can do that! 😀

We need more females on staff. Argh. Carol is going to help me help the boys when the girls have the showers 🙂 Actually Belina, Shauna, and Irene are going to help out

Lots of kids up early. That probably won’t happen tomorrow 😀 Had some good early morning chats with some kids and some parents. Rebeca and Elishah helped me get the schedule on the board. Elishah wrote, Rebeca supervised 🙂

Coordinated with Jeff and Corwin about when to do battery/horn music ensemble for the morning block. We’ll ensemble with pit after dinner on the field.

I then went to the field and did my thing 🙂 finished, saw guard for a bit then watched/listened to the battery/horn ensemble before lunch

Kids already looked a little beat up so I started the vizh block slow with me having some rookie talk them and gave them back story to this gig with Impulse story time, and gave the vets some vet time

When they took the field we ran what they knew of the show so far. It was a bag. Told them so and that it was not acceptable to have their performance level drop so much from our last time together, but I also understood the reasons why. We then proceeded to relearn/reteach the show we had to that point, ran some chunks, then ran the show from top to bottom again before teaching new sets. That’s when I made my second mistake of the block 😦 Bad Ray

My first mistake was not giving them enough water during the block 😦 the second mistake was when they’d learned half of the new stuff and I had totally sensed their brains were full, I still pushed on 😦

Now their focus was completely scattered due to fatigue and them trying to push through it, I noted, to myself, some of the frustration they were feeling was something most of them had never experienced before, and me allowing that to happen and not change the non-groove funk they were in was a bad choice on my part. Thankfully Jeff was there, saw all this and he had a plan on how to address these issues during field ensemble time. Selfishly I ended the block with expressing to them my extreme disappointment I had in their digression during that block, not fully comprehending, yet, I was the main reason for their digression

I talked with Jeff during the dinner break and he helped me to understand my mistakes and those mistakes were totally fixable. Talked to some vets too about the water thing. Ray learns, Ray gets better

Hey kids, need water? Ask! Yes, it’s that simple! 🙂

Started the next block with guard for a few minutes then I head to the field for evening ensemble. Pit is getting set up as I arrive. They look good but Ai seems a little fryed. Music ensemble runs and I note with hornline some visual issues they are having. Guard arrives and the full corps takes the field. I teach/reteach the last part of what they knew going into dinner break, chunk that and reteach new, getting them to the goals we, staff had. All looks good so we start running small chunks then larger chunks. Plenty of water breaks this time. Soon we are running top to bottom of the show. This block goes much better but Jeff and Corwin are giving plenty of help running things, adding comments, maxing their gig too D

At one point near the end of this block I express to the corps that the lack of achievement in the previous block was due in large part to my lack of respect to their realities, not enough water and pushing them past their cognitive limits. Physically they were up to the challenge, but I am still in the process of how they need to address the mental barriers they are trying to push through

Having said all that. With the help of Jeff, Corwin, Jaymi, and Mike it’s a good little drum corps 😀 but they are a great little drum corps. They are not there yet but they will be 🙂

And throughout the day, parents keep making all the little stuff happen of the field that makes what happens on the field possible. Ruben Sr., Maribel, Carol, Tom, the Stockwells, Belinda, Irene, Larry, and our director Mr. Lopez

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