2014 Taft Camp – Sunday

Been sitting here since 6AM All is quiet and restful. No early risers 🙂 They are all still enjoying a well deserved rest

Parents, Jeff all got up about the same time too. I can hear breakfast making stuff happening outside. It was a breakfast burrito, antipasto salad, double cheese burger day for us yesterday 😀

I’m enjoying another hot beverage, thank you Ruben 🙂 7AM, still no children up. Got some comments last night during snack time before lights out that they thought that the last block went better with lots of water breaks 😀

Thinking about checking the schedule on the truck, but it’s the same as yesterday. I’ll walk by on my way to stretch/PT. Btw, I’m feeling like a room without a roof this morning 🙂 A few boys are up now, and a few girls too. They are all on in :15 I’m turning lights on in 5 minutes 😀

Stretch/PT went well. I’m weak 🙂 I can only do half the push ups the kids did today (30 of 60) My right side planking is weak, I blame the surgeries, I’m good with the eight count and six count leap frogs, but I struggle with the four count ones. I can’t recover and rebound that quickly 😦 Robert lead the claps today and really pushed it. I broke down towards the end but recovered and finished strong 😀

Breakfast sandwiches this morning!!! Planned to address ensemble protocol with Corwin, Jeff, and Shauna. Drum corps 101, don’t talk on the field, box comments, field comments, reset/set, go. Staff needs to maintain the consistency of instructional delivery, members need to maintain silence

Sectionals are looking/sounding efficient and productive. I haven’t seen the field I should give it a look 🙂

Hashes and gaks needed to be freshied 🙂 Could have freshied the fours (green “yard lines” between the whites) Meh, they’ve got a very marchable field. Full music ensemble then lunch. Gonna go check out the sights and sounds of drum corps 😀

Lunch Asian/chicken salad!!!

Vizh block went well, 20 more pages. Was 100 degrees on the field. Lots of water breaks. Gave them a 15 minute break in the middle of the 4 hour block, they came back to the field in 10 🙂 Visually and etiquette wise a lot of stuff really locked. I was very happy at the end of the block 😀

Dinner: steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus!!! FOOD COMA 😀

Ensemble block, I need to run met and have music people detail field music. Lots of stuff is locked visually 🙂

omg, it’s so beautiful out here

Very efficient block 🙂 I only spaced a couple of times when the kids were set to do a run of something and only jacked the met up a couple of times pushing random settings accidentally and having to reset the met 😀

Some kids asked me later about the quality of the final runs during that last block. To me it wasn’t about the dramatic improvement they made in their visual execution or the improvement in their music proficiency, it was about the energy they applied to their performance, the buzz I felt and they felt, the whole almost out of control desire they displayed to do a great performance that has me believing this is becoming one special drum corps


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