2014 Taft Camp – Monday

OMG, my body hates me 🙂 that’s cool; not too fond of it, sometimes either! Mirror, you lie! That is not what I look like in my head! 😀

The children are starting to stir, lights on in :30 Kids have been waking up and moving with a purpose the past three days 🙂 Performer Initiative

Basics 9:00-9:30
Music warmup 9:30-10:15
Music ensemble 10:15-11:00
Field ensemble 11:00-1:00
Cleanup/pack 1:00-3:00
Leave 3:00

Guard is singing; so cute 🙂

Guard adding vocals to show

Did basics, Need to do at least a half hour each time, during vizh block. shower time for me 🙂

Did count for sack lunches for on way home on the buses. Note to self, add a few extra in the future 🙂

Corwin ran ensemble. He’s got the most recent world experience and I think he does a great job.

So much got done this block, our last for the weekend. So much got done this weekend. I think what we saw this weekend is what we will see in 3 weeks at the preview show, but even better. They are ready. I know they will slide a little in performance quality when we meet again; but I think their ability to recover and rediscover is high 🙂 Their improvement this weekend has been exponential

Can it continue to improve as they have this weekend? Time will tell

Kids that were in the pit last year were asking why did camp go better this year. Smarter rookies, more talented rookies. Better teaching, more consistent teaching. Better planning and coordinating.

On every level, everyone has stepped up 😀

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