2014 Taft Camp – Critique/Self Critiques

Call time for Friday night was 6:30PM, I was there at 6PM and about a half of the kids were already there. We always seem to need to wait for someone, departure time was 7PM. Bass #4 got there at 7:15. A half hour between call time and departure seemed a little rushed, but an hour would be more pragmatic for a several reasons

1) Make at an event! This camp is a big deal for a lot of reasons and should be treated as such

2) Several issues could be addressed and make the whole weekend more enjoyable, more efficient, and more productive

3) My proposed pre-departure program
– have multiple adults signing in kids, checking for forms, and processing camp fees, give kids more time for…
– FOOD TRUCKS!!! Contact local vendors, 3 or 4 trucks should cover our needs, no stopping on the way to camp makes me happy 🙂 and they can get something to eat
– Show and tell! Lots of adults wait to leave until our actual departure; give them a show! Parents never complain about getting too much information. Assemble the kids in front of the parents, identify each person/section, explain the goals/objectives/and expected outcomes of the camp…
– that reinforces information the kids know, let’s parents know exactly what their kids are doing for two and a half days 😀

This is a great idea for a whole lotta reasons AND by putting the Show and tell on, buys time for those running late 😀

Assume that there will only be one set of showers available, plan schedule according and communicate that reality to all concerned

The no drumming 15 minutes before lights out, genius!

Have only one entrance to the showers

Make sure to give lots of water breaks. If nothing else, it’s a psychological break for them

Go over ensemble protocol before camp and at the start of camp. Vets know I had this all written out years ago, and actually gave them each a copy. Why I spaced that detail, only The Lord knows

Communicate drill changes to staff 😀 Consider using orange for the 4s between the whites during drill learning. Face field towards school 🙂 Get new field markers

Don’t eat a 22oz steak in one sitting. Save half and eat the rest at snack time 😀

Whatever the color of the 4s, freshie them up too, along with gaks and hashes

Don’t tell the “Sorry Ray” story to the rookies en mass EVER AGAIN

Do more slide and oblique basics before learning drill

Give them the routine on how to bug out of a school. What’s the order of things that need to happen, and in the course of cleaning up you need a mop and don’t have one, it’s okay to get wet/dry paper towels, get on the floor, get it done 😀

Teach them how to make a shower bag that has 1-2 changes of clothes, a place for dirty clothes, and shower stuff

Just because a sandwich wrapped in foil looks like a football does not mean you should toss them at the kids like they are targets at a carnival booth

Take a towel to stretch/PT

That is all for now. I’ll chat with staff and probably revise this list

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