Laugh Out Loud


Looks like someone being held up!


I lol’d Monday morning in the gym. Think it surprised a few people. Not so much because I was in an obviously joyous mood, I’m always joyous šŸ˜€ The surprise, I think, was I have very hearty, healthy, gym-filling lol! and I think that was first time the rookies heard my lol, and it was not one but two! Think the second one was louder than the first

I was talking with Jerrad when the thought occurred to me, “these guys are so lucky I’m here”


He looked at me, like, what was that all about?! The lol came out of the blue, no context. Trying to keep a straight a face as possible I felt obliged to explain this lol šŸ˜€

Context: it was the third morning of camp and although I saw a lot of moving with a purpose that morning, and I felt a general focus of energy to finish camp strong, the kids senses were a little numbed and dulled, saving what they had left for that last block on the field

So there I was, amusing myself, as usual, with my own thoughts šŸ˜€ “Ray, you are so awesome!”



I tell Jerrad the reason I lol’d an lol that filled the gym was because I was thinking to myself how lucky you all are to have me here, with y’all

lol, get over yourself, Ray šŸ™‚

Ironic that this morning my first post on FB was about feelings and love šŸ˜€

Then I see 15 minutes later Maya Angelou died šŸ˜„

Thinking of printing up a bunch of her quotes and sharing them with the young humans

I don’t know how I make others feel. Probably the range of human emotion at any given moment šŸ™‚ šŸ˜¦

Because of having gone through so much, putting myself and others through so much, I’m always feeling, not afraid of anything; always open to whatever comes. Ready to embrace beauty or pain

Ready to laugh šŸ˜€ Ready to love

Ready to share

Like, right here, right now


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