Sorry Ray

…or is it Sorry, Ray?

Elise would know. She recently corrected Bryce’s grammar, either at camp or a couple of weeks ago. The correction came out rather quickly, almost anticipated. Ah! Distracted. Sorry Elise 🙂

Sorry Ray

Sorry, Ray

It usually sounds like sorryray 😀

In high school it was, heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Someone even wrote that on one of my folders 😀

Hands up!


Sorry Ray –
A salutation, a greeting, a term of endearment, a funny thing to say, an expression of love, when at a loss for words a handy phrase, an actual apology!

Wait?! What?!

Yup, from time to time, it happens 🙂

Sorry Ray’d myself this morning. First time ever! I F’d something up, and actually said, “sorry Ray” out loud!


After 5 years I am still ambivalent about hearing it. The joy it seems to bring others in saying it causes me mixed emotions 1) because I have mixed emotions when someone apologizes to me for anything, I usually feel like I was part of the problem 2) just confuses me that it has continued so far and long from its first public utterance 3) having, sometimes, to decipher which meaning the user is intending when saying it to me 4) sometimes wishing to never hear it again, but also recognizing it is a way for others, particularly young people, to communicate and express a thought in a unique and funny way

I play the game sometimes too 😀

Sorry Jeff 🙂

Sorry Niko 🙂

I really should be grateful. Understanding that I mean something to others, although that is never my intent or desire when I step out into the world, it allows them any opportunity to acknowledge me in an off the wall kind of way


I am an off the wall kind of guy!



I love me 🙂 Always have. Even understanding in the past that I am responsible for the whole “sorry Ray” thing, because of who I am that caused those passionate conversations to be had; and for all that emotional energy, the cathartic sessions that I was totally okay with and understood. Having a deeper comprehension of why the kids today still use that phrase makes me reflect a little more upon myself and who I am


Sorry Ray

Who I am 😀 I do intend to be impactful; I do intend to make a positive difference. I don’t intend for it mean anything to anyone 🙂 I only desire to be a Ray of Sunshine 😀 A few, but not many (me being one), wake up every morning and say “Thank you Sun; sorry Sun”, and how awesome is the sun!

Very awesome, I would argue. WAY WAY more awesome than me

But Ray, the sun is not a person. I can’t communicate with the sun. It won’t respond to me if I say anything to it

Really? How do you know? Have you tried? What if the sun is communicating, just in a different way?

Um, Ray, that’s off the wall


I whoosh at the sun/day every day!

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