C/O 14


c/o 14

Car window paint

Alright! 😀

Some kid just graduated, probably a white kid, guessing, with the nickname Honky

And how did non-caucasian Americans in the 70’s come up with a word like honky in the first place, to reference white people? I think the term white is a poor enough descriptor as it is. Honky, well that’s just a honked up, janky kinda word

Janky. Love that word. Thank you, Jerrad 🙂

So I’m rolling behind Honky c/o 14 and after a couple of miles I realized something

Really Ray, I figured it out at Honky

Honk Y

Honk 4

The janky 4 looked like a Y, or maybe I just wanted it too; loving the idea that some kid was nicknamed honky and he was flying it for all the world to see 😀

Congratulations Class of 2014

I’ve got good news and bad news. Good news, you’re out of high school. Bad news, you’re out of high school and it’s going to get a lot tougher. Being an adult will never be easy

I strongly suggest you not take that route 😀

Remember and always carry with you the ideals of your youth. You don’t stop riding a bike because you get old, you get old because you stop riding a bike 🙂

As you mature:
* Drink water when you wake up, before each meal and shower/bath and before going to bed
* Eat raw vegetables and fruits often
* Supplement your protein needs with beans and nuts
* Exercise 3-4 times a week get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes each time
* Schedule sleep and naps. Your body needs rest to function effectively. Lack of sleep will have a number of negative side effects, some long term
* Your over all physical and mental health is AT LEAST 50% based on your attitude – be positive

Having said all that, know there is going to be heaps of suck and BS along your way through life. The best you can do is to try and avoid as much of the suck as you can, and the BS, find the smallest piles to be near, try not to step into them, and hope the wind blows in the other direction so you don’t have to smell them 😀


As you have already learned growing up certain “friends” ended up being more of a negative impact on your life than you ever would have imagined. Adults who make bad choices in who and how they socially interact will experience much more serious negative consequences

On the job, again be cautious who you are friendly with and who you tell what. Depending on your particular situation, you may find your work environment more similar to Junior high/middle school than anything you might have imagined work to be

Let me end this positively. You and you alone are responsible for your journey now. Own your successes and celebrate each one. Own your failures, learn from them and be stronger 😀

and know, I am always here 🙂

How cool is that! 😀

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