2014 Impulse June 1st Rehearsal

Let me be the first to say, there’s a huge difference between a piece of cardboard and a hunk of wood that could crush your upper body

I will save the rest of that thought for another post šŸ˜€

Niko arrives and we chat briefly about camp. Apparently Corwin’s performance at camp was due in part to a pep talk Niko had with Corwin prior to camp.

Henry is solidifying solid citizen status. Helped unlock truck. Got the schedule on the truck; helped battery/horns get equipment off truck.

Had a good chat with a dad. Off the the stretch block I go šŸ™‚

Bryan leads us, as usual. Ruben noted to me later, light jog first, stretch/PT, run. They started the morning with a run. While that really should be okay, for more than a few of our members “run” is not a consistent verb in their life

Head to the truck with the members after warmup, making sure Kelsi is getting taken care of. Note Henry’s board writing skills. Also note that half way through the schedule the pen is seriously running out of ink. Shayy notes I am already sweating and she says that’s a sign for a good day. I stretch hard šŸ˜€

See the pit moving with a purpose. Talk to Jeff a bit. Get my field stuff and off I go.

Reoriented field so now it’s facing school. Mostly for pit. Front sideline is now closer to the outlet they get power from, and they don’t have to push/pull equipment as far šŸ™‚ Also with the field facing the school, during everydays, the sun will mostly be on the backs of all of the members šŸ˜€

Started around 10, finished by 12. Really took my time measuring and making sure everything was accurate. Lots of old marks everywhere; very cool. I don’t emphasize enough, the earth moves. New marks look “off” because of old marks. I forget, sometimes, that even smart kids need to be reminded of fundamentals. New paint is the reference šŸ˜€

As I head back to my van I pass the pit. They are rehearsing the second half of ballad, very intense runs šŸ™‚ Dump my stuff at my van, change shirts and head over to music ensemble šŸ˜€

They run a few things, then the battery/brass take the show top to bottom. Second half of show, yikes. They’d better rehearse their asses off this week at home. The block ends: lunch time

I help Henry put stands away. He seemed slightly surprised I could carry 8 stands at once šŸ˜€ I consider lunch companion options, decide on solo

ikr! What else would I choose šŸ™‚

Go to King Pizza. Of course there’s kids there: Charles, David, and Holly. While we wait for our orders we chat some. Our orders come at about the same, but mine is to go. Drive back to school and eat my slice in my van in the parking lot. About 1:20PM I apply the warpaint and head bandana.

On the way to the field, I pass pit people sitting in their shady rehearsal spot. For whatever reason I stop, sit, and start chatting with them. I blame Ai šŸ˜€ After a few minutes I am noticing no battery or horns in the parking lot. When I mention that, all the pit point towards the field, the battery and horns had already left

Sorry Ray!

As I quickly head to the field our all rookie cymbal line is running past me back to the truck. They forgot to put together and bring the scaffolding to the field. Sigh

I get to the field, the horns are posting. It’s 1:35 Get battery to pick up equipment. Set them on field. Set horns in front. Talk briefly about the necessity of straight line path marching and pace consistency. Talk about the exercise we’re about to execute: obliques. Right forward, right back, left back, left forward: a diamond. We do that, it improves slightly each rep from a technical perspective. More importantly to me their performance, emotional commitment, is increasing and becoming more consistent.

I told them after getting a “standing by” command, it’s okay to get “set”, since that will be the next command. The next “standing by” they get, Kelsi snaps to attention šŸ™‚ a few others do also, after Kelsi. After a few more “standing by” commands, more and more members are going straight to attention šŸ™‚ Performer initiative!

One of my ticks this day (don’t really remember any other ticks, but I am sure there were some things I could have done better) was the inefficiency I displayed in handing out dots to those that needed them. As I was feeling that moment, I also was feeling the feelz they were having with each other in that informal moment. In that sense all was well šŸ˜€

Reviewed/re-taught opener. Got 20 pages done in an hour and a half. 6 people were learning all new and guard was incorporating new work/choreography, that slowed learning a little but what they learned, they learned well šŸ™‚

Jeff ran ensemble time, all of one hour. Kids were focused and intense so still a lot got done. Very pleased with the show at this point and how the kids are approaching their gig and the gig šŸ˜€

As preview show approaches, thinking of positive ways for the handful that are PAINFULLY BEHIND because of attendance issues on how to catch up not only with show but with the new performance level that was achieved this weekend

Actually had a former staff member once tell me, the more they rehearse the better they get

Time to stop practicing at home and start rehearsing

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