Thinking about an Ex-

Hard not to; easy when you’re not in a relationship 🙂

Even when we are in a relationship, we still sometimes think about our ex-, or ex-(s)


I think, at least in the very beginning of most relationships, and probably through some midway point, there was fun and love and enjoyment we were sharing with someone else 🙂

Those are the memories I have of my past relationships, when I think of them, on RARE occasions. I remember the good stuff. Of course I remember why each of those relationships ended

It was me; it was always me.

Emotional memories, positive and negative, are always the strongest. Like it’s hard remembering the information you studied for a test, but there’s a song whose lyrics you’ve memorized years ago and will always remember because those words are tied to thoughts and feelings that have significance, to a point in time of your life or maybe even a part of how you define yourself now 🙂

Emotional memories

Muscle memory


Every day I make my best efforts to be positive, encouraging, and supportive of others 🙂

I hope you do too! We all benefit then, don’t we?! Especially if we are making our effort together to accomplish a single goal

Happiness and joy are not goals. Happiness and joy are the roads we travel to our goal. Choosing the roads you travel will significantly effect and affect your journey. Always choose the roads of happiness and joy. How, you ask, may you do that?!

I will update and finish this thought tomorrow, so please, come back. Comment to please, to this or any post. I really appreciate feedback

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