Was that Cardboard?


A more accurate description would be flying object of DEATH!

Not cardboard

Traveling to Huntington Beach last Sunday my party and I encountered THE FACE OF DEATH!!!

Actually, Brandon’s face almost came in contact with several large pieces of lumber that were attached together. It looked like the lid to a very substantial chest.

We were traveling behind a pick up truck with an open bed. Without warning FLASH!!! BAM!!!

The sound alone was HELLACIOUS!!!

Don’t think the words cardboard and hellacious have EVER been uttered in the same sentence 🙂



That thing that almost killed brandon was SOLID It made a HUGE THUD Dented and scratched the hood of my vehicle. Left me and Brandon momentarily breathless, BECAUSE OUR LIVES FLASHED BEFORE OUR EYES!!!!

Cardboard? Girl was trippin’

I am very fortunate, Impulse is very fortunate that Brandon and Kelsi gravitated towards each other. When I met both, never would have imagined that. Thinking about Brandon’s “performance” in the age out circle at the end of last season, it seemed very natural that they’d be a hang, along with the other smart, talented, out side the box thinkers in their band

That’s how you do it, kids. You find other people like you and bring them and you get them to join because drum corps is awesome 😀

It will change your life!!! 🙂

(In a good way) 😀

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