Finding the Right person

That changes, doesn’t it? The kind of person we’re attracted to. Because we change 🙂 speaking of change I updated yesterday’s post about ex(s) like 3x, but it never updated! I apparently suck at touching the right buttons

Ha! Maybe why I’m single


yah, naw 🙂

Interesting when younger people attempt to couple. So many things go so wrong so fast. I understand why younger people want to attempt romantic relationships, but with so much going on: school, family, friends, school, activities, etc., that seems like a full plate ready. I am all for all boys schools and all girl schools K-12. Cuts down dramatically daily boy/girl drama

Hormones. Make kids crazy; make adults crazy too. Especially women when Aunt Flo comes to visit

Finding the right person. That topic came at me the other day, again. I was told I haven’t found the right person, yet

Can’t find what you’re not looking for 😀

There really is no formula to help you find someone that is right for you. Even in the best relationships, feelings change, love changes. Rare are the relationships that burn forever on hot passionate love alone

True long term relationships have to have a large pragmatic element. Clear, consistent communication. No games, no drama. Similar likes help, but maybe trying new things are good too. All depends on your personality

I had one girlfriend the first few months she had me driving all over creation, going to and trying all different kinds of ethnic cuisines, museums, and other such places I never would have thought of going to or seeing. She also made me watch all of the movies Andy Warhol wrote/directed and all of John Waters movies

Like a previous post title…

When a Lady Says…


There were a few other ways she tested whether I really wanted her BF

That’s all I can say about that

There are some conversations that need to happen in any relationship; and by relationship I am talking about more than 6 months. Anything less is a long term hook up. Also for it to be relationship it has to be face to face, not chat, text, or phone

That’s another post “Chat Rooms”

Parameters need to set. What you like, what you dislike, what is an absolute deal breaker. You also need to be sensitive about these things regarding the other person

Again it’s all about good communication!

Here’s one suggestion. Make good friends. Many LTR start as great friendships!


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