Hiding your Emotions

Like anything else, it takes constant and consistent practice. You know you’re really good at it when you can control your emotions when you’re alone and there’s no need to since no one is around

Although it could be argued, by some, that controlling your emotions around other people is more difficult. For me, that’s when another part of my personality kicks in. My instinctive and well honed ability to perform 😀 Being an outstanding excellent performer is another thing that requires constant and consistent practice

3 words that I learned in behavior management and modification can be applied by anyone wanting to achieve anything:




Maybe I’ll post a little behavior mod lesson later 🙂

The more frequently you do something the better you get at it. The more intensity you apply to a focused, given task the better you will achieve. The longer the duration you maintain a high level of intensity to a focused, given task the more likely your achievement will be consistently applied. This is the road to excellence. Get on it. Every day.

Damn, that’s good! 😀

Controlling or hiding your emotions might sound like a bad thing to some people, but it’s really not. Honestly, everybody does it to some degree and frankly we’d be all better off if some people would turn down their emotional responses. Save the drama for Mama. Even then, Mama probably prefers you spare her the drama also 🙂

Mini epiphany. One of the components of my personality, my consistent intensity, is a function of my emotional control

Amuses me to no end teachers/instructors that get angry at their students. It is usually in regard to either a lack of student achievement or sometimes even worse, a lack of respect from students an instructor perceives about a given lesson, or worst yet, a lack of respect an instructor perceives about themselves from students

If a student is not demonstrating what you expect, that’s the teacher’s fault

If a student is not highly engaged in a lesson, that’s the teacher’a fault

If students aren’t respecting a teacher, that’s the teacher’s fault

Of course these are just opinions

Of course I realize working with young people can be difficult. I will talk later about modifying student behaviors so that teacher expected outcomes will be achieved and how that positively effects and affects students

Control your emotions. Get a grip. Keep Calm and carry on 🙂

Enjoy your day and share this post, please

Thank you 😀

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