2014 Impulse Rehearsal June 8th

Picked up Brandon and Kelsi and made it to HB without running into flying death! We were there just after 8 so I asked them if they wanted to grab breakfast; they said yes, so we did

Roll into the parking lot; Monse, Ruben, Serica, and V are already there. No one else and no truck. Brandon and I had actually talked about going to Harbor House, earlier 🙂 I mentioned that to Serica and V 😀


Soon, around 8:30am, I start getting texts and messages with people updating member attendance statuses. Those people are running late, this person needs a ride, these people are leaving rehearsal early at this time because…, those people are leaving at that time because…, etc

I call Jeff, give him a heads up, he suggests a schedule adjust. I tell him we’ll talk face to face once I get back from getting Leslie, mellophone girl was rideless.

I’m feeling anxious because I’m not sure the day is going to work out well. Cars start rolling in

Kids are late; kids are leaving early; kids are missing. Truck got here at 9:00. No stretch-P/T. I’m talking to people, getting things moving-going. I want to be moving and going. I want to go check the field but I have to get Leslie first. I see her address is not far

SHE COULD HAVE WALKED (although I don’t know when she found out her ride was not able to give her a ride) (8:30, she could have walked)

Get Leslie, dropped her off at the truck. Can’t talk to Jeff yet, I have to pee and then go check the field

Check field; it’s functional. Marks from last week are readable. Finally get to Jeff. It’s 10:30, we plan

11:00 Brass only
11:30 Battery and Brass set to set/chunk
12:30 Full corps and guard ensemble
1:45 Noms
3:00 Sectionals
4:00 Music Ensemble

Battery are in sectionals. I give staff, section leaders a heads up about schedule adjustment. Max what we have with the most

Once we were refocused I reloaded mentally and started feeling much much better. Brass got on the field, etiquette was tight and we got through what we needed to get through efficiently. Battery was a little early and got some chill time 🙂

Had brass water/sunscreen up and watch battery do a run of the show top to bottom, of what we know this far. I was almost pleased with that performance. I thought the brass focus could have been better watching the battery

We set to set and chunk front end of show. Tracer is looking better than Snow. Of course, Tracer is always there 😀 Bass drums, every rep, something gets a little better. Snares are tightening up their intervals. They need to have a chat with Isaiah, he is not matching the rest of the lines’ focus consistency. Quads, rock solid *snap* Mike is following the plates, they are definitely getting better. Mellies added a vizh to there musical moment. Trumpets, gah! Baritones are shaping up, Kelsi is going to help Reilly A LOT. Xander and Trevor are pulling it off so far, but help is on the way 😀

Pit is set up; guard is ready. Jeff is in the box now, also with Heffa and Shauna. Chunk from the back forward. Stop a couple of times and work a few set to sets for guard choreo, pathways with work. It’s a very strong block. Every rep, something a little better 🙂

Just the way we want it! 😀

The food truck is here! Thank you all who helped clean it up! The two best women led, Maribel and Carol, their handsome men, Ruben Sr. and Thom, and their kids: Ruben, Serica, Monse, V; was Ariana there? I should have been there too. Silly me, why would I think others would have been there to help. I should have posted that I would pick up and give rides to those that wanted to help. Those people could have asked too. Come on, don’t you know me by now? 🙂

Jeff and I go to lunch. He’s buying!!! We talk about the morning, afternoon to come. Next week, show day. Next Sunday. Every days. We’re very pleased with the corps progress and are feeling positive and optimistic that the excellence we expect them to achieve will be achieved

Sectionals after lunch go well. Music ensemble, almost acceptable. Pit rocked it, battery had moments, brass – once they start consistently performing the information Jeff is giving them, they will be excellent 😀

Getting back Monrovia, I went the wrong way twice after dropping Leslie off, got on the 22, missed the right freeway interchange, got on streets, turned wrong way, u-turned, finally got on right freeway, right direction 😀

Looking forward to more fun next weekend 🙂

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