100 things everyone should know

From: http://greenmeadowmanor.com
…and modified, heavily, by me 😀

1. You are absolutely and undeniably unique.  You are one of a kind, and there is no one like you in the world.  BE YOURSELF.  It will draw people to you for the rest of your life.

2. Life is not a race.  Never compare yourself to where the people around you are.  Your plan is different than anyone else’s plan.  Remember that.

3. Always set goals.  Even small ones.  We are creatures of progression.  Post your goals where you can see them and always picture yourself accomplishing them.

4. Lists are your friend.  Make them, and enjoy the glorious feeling of crossing off an item.

5. Step outside your comfort zone.  You’ll be surprised.

6. You’re never too old for Harry Potter.

7. Everything is always okay in the end.  If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.

8. Nothing anyone says or does can make me stop being a loving person.

9. Watch closely elderly couples you see in public displaying kindness and consideration to each other.

10. Beauty truly comes from the inside.  Believe that.  The media lies.  Don’t compare yourself or your looks.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  You were made in God’s image.  He doesn’t make mistakes.  You ARE beautiful.

11. Read inspirational material. It has the answers to all the problems you’ll face.  And if you don’t think so, read harder.

12. Don’t stop playing. You’ll get old.  People get old because they stop playing.

13. Friends will make or break you.  Seek out good friends.  Be the kind of friend you wish you had.

14. Don’t be a people-pleaser.  Just be honest and do what’s right, even if it’s not popular.

15. Live alone at least once in your life.  You will learn more about yourself in that time than you ever can imagine.

16. When you start feeling sorry for yourself, find someone to serve.  Do something nice for someone.  Making cookies is a good start.

17. Chronic complaining is unattractive.  Develop your problem solving skills.  If you aren’t willing to make the proper change, you aren’t allowed to whine about the problem.

18. There are things dogs understand, that people don’t.  Cuddle a puppy when you’re having a sad day.

19. Never deny an adventure.

20. Don’t lose the Perspective.  Understand that some see and know more than we do at times.

21. NOTHING in the world is more important than having a sense of inner peace. Find it and check in from time to time.

22. Keep a journal.  Write your story.  It’s therapy.

23. Make time to love others. Make time to laugh and have some fun every single day.  Be happy and patient.  

24. Don’t be afraid to do things yourself.

25. Part of doing things yourself is making mistakes.  Mistakes can always be fixed.

26. You never know who is watching and looking up to you.  Never forget that you are always an example to someone.

27. Be kind to everyone.  Even strangers.  You don’t know what they are going through.  Treat everyone you meet like it’s their birthday.

28. Hard work will get you further than anything in life.

29. Learn to see the beauty in the world.  It’s all around.  You just have to open your eyes.

30. Take road trips often.

31. There is more to life than money.  Money can never make you happy.  Debt will rot your soul.  Avoid unnecessary debt.

32. Music is a language best understood by the heart.

33. Don’t believe anyone who says U2 is lame.

34. Laugh every single day.  A sense of humor is worth gold.

35. Happiness is a journey.  It’s a mood.  It is NOT a destination.  You can be happy amidst trials.

36. Always eat something at the start of every day.

37. A bowl of popcorn and Singing In the Rain will mend a heart.  Gene Kelly and his tap-dancing feet will take your problems away for 1.5 hours.

38. Camping is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Do it at least once a year.

39. True love is doing the dishes together and inside jokes over silly things.

40. You’re never too busy for a long bubble bath.

41. Celebrate your heritage.  

42. Stay up late reading a good book.

43. Be detail oriented.

44. Shop at the thrift store. fashion comes and goes; style is forever.

45. No excuses.  Just get things done!

46. A good pair of running shoes is an investment.

47. Trust takes a long time to earn, be so careful to not break that with your friends and family.

48. Make friends with your cousins.  Those relationships get even better with age.

49. Treat yourself to an ice cream once in awhile.

50. There’s no such thing as too many pillows.

51. Know you make a difference.

52. A strong man isn’t threatened by a strong woman.

53. Treat everyone well.

54. The painful truth is always better than a messy lie.

54. Good communication is a skill that should always be worked on.

55. When it rains, pause to go jump in a puddle.  Dance, while you’re at it.

56. Do something completely spontaneous once a month.

57. Understand your worth.  If someone isn’t willing to treat you like the gift that you are, they aren’t worth your time.  Don’t ever ever settle just to save yourself from being alone.

58. If someone doesn’t like Star Wars, you don’t need to know them.

59. Never play the victim.  If bad things happen, it’s for a reason.  We rise from the ashes.  We don’t feel sorry for ourselves.

60. Believe in karma.

61. Faith has a short shelf life.  Never assume you’re “safe” from falling.

62. Atonement is for more than just sins.  It is for broken hearts, sadness, depression, struggles. It is always available for use.  Don’t ignore it.

63. It’s not your place to judge.  Ever.

64. Forgive.  Even when they never say sorry.

65. Don’t ever count on somebody else to make you happy.

66. There’s no shame in having milk and Oreos for breakfast.

67. Be brave enough to try new foods at least once.

68. Fresh peaches on vanilla ice cream is the best thing you will eat all summer long.

69. Be the first to volunteer when someone needs help.

70. Go to the mountains often, even if only on a drive.

71. Get a library card at your local library.

72. Get a library card from a nearby city. Libraries are all different.

73. Fight for what matters.

74. Learn something from everyone.

75. Nobody likes a know-it-all.

76. Mean everything you say.  Keep your word.  Don’t trifle words.

77: Don’t live in the past.  You can’t drive forward if you’re stuck looking in a rear view mirror.  You will keep crashing.  Look FORWARD, and occasionally glance back to keep things in check.

78. Don’t wait for things to happen.  Make them happen.

79. Drink lots of water.

80. Most of the things you worry about never happen.

81.  I will always want to hear from you.

82.  Being passive aggressive is immature.  When you have a problem with something or someone, do the right thing and talk to them about it.  It’s hard.  But it’s better.

83.  Never attack the person.  Attack the problem.

84.  It never hurts to ask.

85.  You can’t change what people think about you.  Be your best self, and that is enough.

86.  Cardigan weather is the best weather.

87.  If you’re bored, organize your closet.

88.  If you’re still bored, reorganize your drawers or pantry

89.  Use power tools.

90.  Get to know yourself.  And LOVE yourself.  But remember, it’s not always about YOU.  Think of others, and be there to lift them up.

91.  Your life has a reason, and you have great work to do.  Look for opportunities around you to make a difference.

92.  Being consistent is the best way to not have drama.

93.  Pay your bills on time.

94.  People watching, is never a waste of time.

95.  If someone tells you getting your pilot’s license is impossible, they are wrong.

96.  You are a creation of love.  

97.  Marry someone who is fun to be around and makes you laugh.

98.  Climb trees.

99.  Take LOTS of pictures.

100.  You are the master of your fate.  You are the captain of your soul.”It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

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