2014 Day after SHOW DAY #1


I am still excited about last night 😀 I am sitting in the back of the truck, talking with one of the dads about that and a few other things

Oh crap. Just realized I didn’t tell him happy Father’s Day. It’s all good. I’m a sincere genuine person and we always have great conversations 🙂

Not paying particular attention to anything. I erased the schedule for the day that Jeff wrote last night, without reading it 🙂 rewrote it. Kids noticed; of course they did!

Go out to field. Didn’t paint field last week in an effort to max the morning with the most bodies. Re-measure and mark the 4s all the way around the field perimeter. Then paint yard lines, green 4s in between, gaks, hashes. I did the math; I criss cross the field 70 times during this process

I don’t think about it, beyond being focused and accurate. To most people it’s menial work, painting a field. To me it’s like meditation. Being ONE with creating the surface where the magic happens. Knowing every space on that surface. To many it’s a boring tedious task that falls under the category of “work to avoid”.

I embrace it. I love it. I consider it a privilege to create a space for others to excel


When they show up!

It’s lunch time now. I am talking with King Taco. We notice Elise is going over her notes for whatever test(s) she has next week. She was early to rehearsal and was doing the same thing in the AM, going over academic notes. Need to get more people like her 😀

As I consider my food options, Maribel comes and offers me a sammich! Her and Carol brought sandwich stuff, potato salad, fruit, and drinks for their men, and the kids, for Father’s Day in the parking lot! Wooooooooo! lol

Lunch is done. We all head to the field. I have battery run the whole show, thus far, top to bottom and see where things are at. Corwin is there, sees what needs to done. I leave him and Mike with the battery on the field to do that which must be done. Morgan and I take the horns to the zone in front of the school 🙂

Morgan runs a most effective basics block with the horns. Dramatic improvement in technique and also an appreciable increase in performer presence 🙂 I took a full page of notes. I believe the most effective teachers are excellent students: open ears, open eyes, open mind; alway ready to learn 😀

Interestingly, but not surprising, Morgan’s syntax, pace of speech, and vocabulary and use of analogies very similar to my style. In part, maybe, “we chewed the same dirt” (his expression), we are of similar vintage, also

and it’s drum corps, dammit! 😀

There are fundamental truths, concepts, applications of information

Horns head back to field. Pit, battery, and brass do a half hour of music ensemble. Last 45 minutes, field ensemble.

The kids worked hard and smart today. A lot of little things got better 😀

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