2014 Everydays June 21

Got Brandon and Kelsi. Random conversation πŸ™‚

Arrived at Marina. Everyone is lined up as if waiting for the truck to arrive in front. Word had not spread yet and vets on site already FAILED to recall the equipment trailer is always parked in the back for everydays. (In an effort to be as positive and encouraging and supportive as possible, I will limit my calling out on your error, vets. I trust you know when you suck and will fix it. The blatant stuff, I will call out. We had that talk, 2 or so months ago, and it’s happening. If you don’t remember, ask me)(update: Stephan says they knew the truck was in back but were waiting for me in the front? But on Sunday everyone was waiting in the back. *tilts my head, scratches top while making a scrunchy face*)

Lots of good morning, Ray, or some similar greeting

I start gathering my supplies, I’m slightly delayed as people have questions about this that and the other…

Hi Jeff πŸ™‚

Finally heading towards the back. Looking at the backs of the masses now. I say something out loud to myself just as Trey comes from behind me, greeting me with a good morning. He offers to take the trailer lock key from me and run to the trailer to unlock it. Absolutely! Thank you, Trey! πŸ™‚

The energy of youth!

Watching a lot of figure it out as equipment comes out of the trailer. It’s just another rehearsal, but it’s not. By this time next week they will be preparing to perform their second show with the largest number of friends and family in the audience πŸ˜€

I call Jeff, updating him as to all the currents and talk through what the vision and goals are for the morning. He’s been in contact with Niko, and Niko updates us all through email

Corps is in warmups. Really would like to participate with them as I had prior to recently, but, it’s important to have a face on the outside keeping everything else in check and or moving. I wander to the field to check it’s condition. I’d re-painted the field Thursday and it still looked good

Warmups are done. Sections getting ready for the next block. Morgan is standing with me as the horns two it up and I’m communicating with Jeff as to what zone he wants the horns in. Morgan has a brief chat with the horns before they move to their morning zone. Elliut, and new guy Anthony are here. Awesome sauce! πŸ˜€ All other hornline members present ‘cept Daylon and Bryce

Wow. Funny how certain thoughts can stir negative emotions

I stay with pit for awhile, then return to the field with supplies. I’d only superficially evaluated the field earlier. I walked the perimeter and could see the 4s around the edges were either faded or gone. Remeasured and remarked them. I had painted the yard line inserts for their preview show rehearsal field and put the inserts on their everyday field πŸ˜€

I marked blue twos and fours all across in front of the front sideline. Something readable from as far as the front hash. Music ensemble was about to start and I did not put the inserts at the hashes for that reason

The music ensemble…digging/not digging individuals and sections maxing their gig

Lunch time ate PB&J in my van while cutting dots and putting new drill in my folder

Vizh block Morgan runs some basics. Love his passion. Love his focus. Love his frugality of words

They learn production drill, pace slows a bit during drum solo drill for horns. I know why. Not an issue

Dinner break. Kelsi and Brandon wanted PB&J. I share πŸ˜€ Take them food and go back to my van

Stealing ensemble time for vizh. Finish production drill in 30 minutes, 6 sets. Getting it done. Quick warmup and corps is back on the field. Do chunks and one run

Ray, if you don’t have anything nice to say…

I note their effort. I note their focus. It is inconsistent and neither are at the level they need to be to achieve their most maxed performance level. Are they getting better? Yes. Is the process they are in now about me and what I think and how I feel about them? No.

This process is about their own personal desire to achieve and experience a level of performer excellence beyond words and emotions, running through walls of flames and embracing the burn, knowing the sweat that pours out of them is really the tears of angels inside them; cleansing them of error and preparing them for their next performance

Damn! That last part is going on the board next to the schedule πŸ˜€


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