2014 Everydays June 22

Going straight from home to Huntington Beach! 🙂

Crazy! Don’t know if I remember the way 🙂

Because I was trying to do too much before I left the house, I was walking into the back lot where the trailer is parked about 8:35AM. Call time was 8:30AM; I’m late. As they notice me, some just look and go back to what ever they were doing. Many, looked mostly like hornline, turned, square up and stared hard at me. I could feel the energy

Speaking of, that energy I was feeling in that morning moment was notably absent at the end of the day.

But Ray, they rehearsed all day; they’re kids, of course they are going to have less energy at the end of day

BULL! Go hard at the end of the day. Go strong at the end of the day or…

As I continue to walk, I stare back, hard. I’m a little angry at myself for being late, but also not feeling the object of amusement energy I’m feeling as a get closer and closer. I’m focused on the moment, pick a spot to stop, do, then hand the key to Henry to start opening up the truck

As stuff is coming off the truck, I put the schedule up for the day. Morgan is there and we talk briefly, then…

Dana! 😀

Baba Dynasty! 4 kids, 22 years of commitment to Impulse. Parents are still committed 🙂 Dana is here today and Wednesday to help the horns and vizh tech. Welcome, welcome 🙂 4 years with Impulse, 3 years with Vanguard; she’s got Drum Corps chops!

The late previous night and early start time causes a string of stragglers. Warmups have begun and…

Be Positive, Ray

Call Jeff, he’s more understanding than I am. Closer is the focus today but Niko is going to take battery and guard to write drum solo drill. During production the drum solo drill is just a zone left “blank” for Niko to write battery/guard drill (note: we need to run that set to set with horns as there seems to be issues with guard and horn possible collisions)

During sectionals I run an errand for Jaymi. Come back and check progress with the drum solo drill. Shauna is there, we have some chat between sets, resets, chunks 🙂 Soon the hornline is coming around the corner. Time for music ensemble

I take my water jug and head to the trailer/music ensemble zone

I say, right now, pit is the most consistent section. Jaymi is doing another outstanding job.

I do lunch under the truck and it’s the Lopez clan’s zone also 🙂

After lunch Morgan and Dana touch up the field before basics (Dana continues touching up during that afternoon block! 😀 ) Morgan does another fantastic job with the horns while the battery works out a couple of more sets of drum solo drill to get back into their next production set. It’s all good. That’s done, now I’ve got and hour and a half to teach 18 sets

Not a problem!

Get that done, quick warmup, and into ensemble. Corwin runs that. Get a full run of closer and then a run of production and closer

Got the truck loaded in 20 minutes! 😀

Other than that…

So much more to do. Re-spot opener, re-spot ballad. Get reps of production and closer in for retention. Individuals are still searching for performance consistency, meaning sections are in various stages of performance consistency, meaning the drum corps is searching for performance consistency

Again, my opinions don’t matter. Everything could actually be better then I am perceiving them; or they could be worse. Ultimately what I think or how I feel matters not

Their season. Their memories. Their Drum Corps

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